4 Things to Watch Out for at the Star Virtual Education Fair

The Star Virtual Education Fair has a lot to offer students and parents this year. Aside from the virtual booths of top universities and colleges, you’ll also be able to enjoy webinars, freebies from our sponsors, free counselling by university representatives and more!

Read on to find out what you’ll experience during the 29 to 31 May virtual education fair.


Webinars That Give You Insight Into Different Academic Paths

What’s so different from the previous fairs? This time around, we’ve made it more interactive, allowing both participants and speakers to have a more open discussion on the topic at hand.

Want to know about pre-university, diploma, popular fields of study or even post-graduate options? Institutions such as Taylor’s University, UOW Malaysia KDU University College, APU, MAHSA University, UNITAR, and Curtin University will be on hand to share their knowledge on Business, Chinese Medicine, Design, Architecture, Psychology and other courses.

However, there are other webinars that you and your parents should check out. Find out from guest speakers about jobs in IT and data analytics, student success stories in the UK, study abroad options, and fintech in accounting, business and finance.

Come register for the Star Virtual Education Fair and attend the webinar sessions!


Free Gifts to Reward You

Did we mention that there’ll be freebies? That’s right! You get goodies from Huawei and STM Goods just by registering for the fair.

Here’s what you’ll get instantly after you’ve registered:

1) Huawei Cloud 40GB High IO Storage

2) Huawei coupon worth US$200 per person (about RM860) to redeem more cloud storage (Limited to the first 100 registration daily)

3) Up to 40% discount on STM Goods storewide on Lazada

You could even win one of three Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite! All you have to do is attend the webinar sessions and you’ll be in the lucky draw.


Free Counselling to Help You and Your Parents 

During the three-day event, you’ll be able to speak with representatives from over 30 universities and colleges. Some of these universities are highly ranked and are well-known for specific courses.

The university counsellors will be available from 10am to 7pm to answer all your queries on the university, course, and more. You’ll also be able to download course brochures for your reference.

Whether it’s to find out the duration of the course, the potential career path, and the cost of the course and how to finance it, the counsellors will provide the latest information to help you and your parents decide.


Exclusive Deals That You Should Know

Aside from the freebies, universities also offer exclusive deals for new students.

For instance, you can get a rebate when you register for a course. These rebates target those who register early, or come from a designated segment of the population.

In addition to that, you also can lower your cost of education through your talent, community and sports involvement, and household income. Universities usually offer a variety of scholarships and financial grants so be sure to ask the counsellors during your visit to the fair.

Some universities are also adjusting their academic calendars to accommodate the changes brought by the global coronavirus pandemic. This includes Taylor’s, which has created a special June semester for its foundation, SACE-i, and A-Level courses at Taylor’s College, and diploma in culinary arts or hotel management, plus any degree (except ADP and Bachelor’s of Pharmacy).

Register for the Star Virtual Education Fair right now and find out the universities that will be there!