4 Tips to Get a Scholarship in Malaysia – 2022 Updated

scholarship in Malaysia
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    There are more and more scholarships available out there for those who want to apply for university in Malaysia.

    There are also many types of scholarships in Malaysia out there, those provided by the government and also corporations.

    This article will talk about scholarships by corporations and private entities.

    In this day and age, you can apply for a lot of things online, even for scholarships!

    No more messy paperwork and running around town to hand in your application.

    So how can you secure a scholarship once you have applied for university in Malaysia?

    Here are 4 tips to help you get that scholarship:


    Know What You Want to Study

    It sounds easy but this is the trickiest part. Your research will be much more efficient when you know what or where you want to study.

    Some scholarships cater to a specific area of study, like these Nursing scholarships.

    Such scholarships are perfect when you know what you want to study in university.

    For those who know which university they want to choose, visiting their website will help you kick start your search for a suitable scholarship.


    Find Out the Details

    There are many types of scholarships in Malaysia out there.

    Merit scholarships focus solely on your results, while leadership scholarships focus on your activities in a leadership position (club, community projects etc).

    Some scholarships also cover only tuition fees, leaving you to foot the bill for other university fees.

    Do make sure you read the fine print so that you can better plan your funds for your studies.

    There also are scholarships that require you to either be from a certain location or remain at a specific location after graduation.

    Example: Penang Future Foundation scholarships


    Know What it Requires

    Not all scholarships in Malaysia have the same requirements.

    Some require you to maintain a certain grade during your studies so that your scholarship can be renewed each year.

    There are also scholarships that require you to perform community service each semester.

    For instance, the Taylor’s College Merit Scholarship requires successful applicants of the full scholarship to join the Scholar’s Club and participate during the duration of their scholarship.

    Want to know what are the requirements of other scholarships?

    Check out the different requirements here.


    Apply for Scholarship in Malaysia Online

    Did you know that you also can apply for scholarships online?

    Just like applying for university online, you can now search for scholarship information and apply for it all at one place!

    Uni Enrol is the best platform for you to find the right scholarship to fund your university studies.

    Choose from more than 400 scholarships by more than 80 private institutions in Malaysia.

    Through Uni Enrol’s Pathway Match, you’ll be able to get matched with the right course and scholarships at any time you want!

    What’s more, you’ll know instantly the best way to fund your studies.

    So how do you go about it?

    Step 1
    Visit Pathway Match.

    Step 2
    Key in your information (results, household income, location, preference).

    Step 3
    Review your options.

    Step 4
    Consult counselor on how to choose the best course and scholarships for you.

    Step 5
    Submit application online.

    Securing a scholarship in Malaysia is not as hard as it was.

    The key is to know how to do it.

    Want to know how else to maximise your chances to secure a scholarship? 

    Talk to our counselors today!

    You’ll get the latest information on scholarships and the institutions that offer them.