7 Things to Know About UOW Malaysia KDU Penang’s Interior Architecture & Interior Design Courses

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    We visited their School of Built Environment & Interior Design to understand more about the value of their courses and how it is designed to help students prepare for the industry.

    Here are 7 things you may not know about UOW Malaysia KDU Penang’s Interior Architecture & Interior Design courses.



    1. I Didn’t Realise UOW Malaysia KDU Penang Offer These Courses

    Neither did we! The School offers Diploma in Interior Design and Degree in Interior Architecture that combines a lot of practical assessments with industry insights.

    Understandably there are many students from Penang or nearby states who are aspiring to fuse their love for architecture and design and this is one convenient option to consider.



    2. You Will Get Your Hands Dirty a Lot

    The assessment structure of the courses range from 50/50 for coursework and exams to 100% coursework assessment for certain subjects.

    UOW KDU classrooms with workstations and design materials

    Various classrooms with workstations and design materials available

    Therefore, you will be involved in many hands-on work from research, to design, to technical drafting and group projects which you will also have to present to your peers and lecturers.

    Besides design, the syallabus also emphasizes on project management and feasible project costing through the understanding of efficient design processes, green-building materials and the application of high-tech digital software. 



    3. You Get Opportunities to Showcase Your Work

    At the end of your course, your work will be showcased in exhibitions at public places such as malls.

    Exhibition by KDU Penang design students at 1st Avenue Mall Penang

    Exhibition by UOW Malaysia KDU Penang design students at 1st Avenue Mall Penang

    This is a good avenue for students to interact with the public and receive real feedback from the market and meet potential clients.



    4. You are Guided by Industry Veterans

    The School not only maintains relevance of its curriculum through an industry advisory panel but actively invites industry practitioners and veterans from design and architecture firms to lecture and take part in the assessments.

    Every semester, students are able to attend workshops taught by these practitioners.

    The workshops comprise of talks about changing trends and innovative technical practices and methodologies students need to be aware of.

    Workshop by FIABCI Malaysia on Interior Design

    Workshop by FIABCI Malaysia on Interior Design

    Final projects are also assessed and marked by these industry representatives. They co-supervise students’ projects and come in to provide feedback from time to time during a given project period.

    Through this process students will be more attuned to the standards expected from the industry.



    5. You Will Learn to be Entrepreneurial

    There are many talented designers but talent does not equate success.

    To be able to create interest in one’s work, the ability to promote yourself and convince others as well as understanding how to package and market your work is critical.

    UOW KDU student Design showcase at 1st Avenue Mall

    Design showcase at 1st Avenue Mall (2018) by students of interior design themes for cafes and hotels and even a mock app design for bus ride booking

    The School emphasizes an entrepreneurial mindset to seek out design solutions that addresses the problems of their clients in a practical and economical manner.



    6. You Get to Serve Actual Clients

    Students get the opportunity to take on projects from actual clients.

    One of these projects involved a property development project by Paramount Group where students were tasked to submit their designs and were paid for the work.

    This may not be frequently available but the School is working to build relationships with more partners to extend these opportunities on a regular basis.



    7. You Will Gain Overseas Study Exposure

    Expanding one’s horizon and creativity is an essential component to a designer’s potential.

    Rather than learn things only through textbooks and the Internet, all students are required to travel abroad for field trips to learn about historical, artistic and technical contexts of iconic buildings and monuments. These trips are covered in the course fees.

    Diploma students are typically taken for a three days four nights trip to selected Southeast Asia countries and guided by partner universities or local design firms.

    Students visit nature of the jobic landmarks the City Hall and heritage streets of Singapore

    Students visit iconic landmarks in their visits. Above are the City Hall and heritage streets of Singapore.

    Some of the countries visited include Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

    Students are given assignments called reflective journals to pen their thoughts about the buildings and architecture they visit.

    RMIT university campus building in melbourne

    RMIT University in Melbourne and KDU Penang’s Interior Architecture students

    Degree students on the other hand get to opt for the Mobility Programme in partnership with RMIT University where UOW Malaysia KDU Penang students will work with RMIT students on urban design project for two weeks in Australia.

    There they not only expose themselves to external team work but cultural exchanges.



    BONUS – Successful Alumni

    The School has produced many entrepreneurial alumni.

    A few who graduated in 2013 went on to form Vault Design Lab, which has become a well-established interior design firm in Penang with many projects in commercial, residential and office spaces. Read their story here!

    kdu college university student portfolio

    The institution’s Interior Architecture graduates have also went on to work for various established architectural firms in Malaysia.



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