Top UK University | How to Budget, Study AND SAVE in 2023

UoSM affordable UK education

Getting an overseas education is no longer impossible. You can meet friends from different countries and experience various cultures by choosing the right route.

The University of Southampton Malaysia (UoSM) is the top-ranked UK university in Malaysia. It offers students an affordable path to a quality UK education. Some of the courses you can find are:

  1. Engineering, 
  2. Computer Science,
  3. Accounting,
  4. Education,
  5. Communication & Media Studies
  6.  and Business. 

( Find out more about their courses here. )

So how does UoSM make education affordable for you? Let us find out.

With Transfer Options

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To study abroad, tuition fees and living expenses are a fraction of the cost. At UoSM, there are many opportunities to experience the UK curriculum without burning your bank account. How is it done? Through transfer options!

A transfer option refers to studying for 1 to 2 years locally before wrapping up your remaining education overseas. In Malaysia, you can find several combinations, such as

  • 1+2
  • 2+1
  • 3+0

Therefore, having this option on hand will be more budget-friendly and accessible.

Here are a few examples for your reference.

  1. Business and Computer Science students can aim for the 3+0 courses. On this route, you will go through the same syllabus as your UK counterparts and pay your tuition fees in Malaysian Ringgit.
  2. Meanwhile, for Engineering students, spending your first 2 years in Malaysia does the same thing. In addition, you will get a 20% discount when you transfer to the UK to complete your degree!

On top of that, there are also scholarships and financial aid available. These scholarships are merit-based and do not require you to attend any interviews.

Read on to find out about the scholarships and financial aid!

With Foundation Study Grants & Scholarships

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Starting a new chapter in your education can be an overload, and UoSM supports its students from the very beginning of their tertiary journey! The university offers scholarships and grants to students who are entering college. If you are a freshman, get ready to unravel these options (Especially if your result slip is decorated with all the shiny aces).

Top Achiever Scholarship 

This scholarship awards students who achieved 4As or more in SPM and O-Level with financial support. The amount covered is up to RM29,100.

Before you apply, do check to see if the course you are in is eligible. The courses that are eligible for the Top Achiever Scholarship are 

  • Business, 
  • Computer Science and 
  • Engineering Foundation Year.

For Engineering Foundation Year students, you must complete Years 1 and 2 of your selected engineering degree programme in Malaysia.

Young Engineer Study Grant

The Young Engineer Study Grant is for non-UEC students enrolling in the

  • Business Foundation Year Course
  • Computer Science Foundation Year Course
  • Engineering Foundation Year Course

To date, you have been eligible to receive this RM1,500 education fund.

UoSM Foundation Study Grant (For UEC Students)

This grant is specifically for students with UEC qualifications. It is open to students in the following Foundation Year Courses:

  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering

If you are one of these students, you can enjoy up to RM5,000 off your tuition fees.


Want to know more about the Foundation courses at the University of Southampton Malaysia? Get started here!

With Scholarships, Study Grants & PTPTN Loans for Your Degree.

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The further you move up the ladder, the more responsibilities you will have. Therefore, UoSM continues to support your education through undergraduate grants and scholarships, such as

The UoSM Achiever Scholarship (Degree Studies)

For students looking to enrol in UoSM’s

  • Accounting,
  • Actuarial Studies
  • Business,
  • Computer Science,
  • Economics,
  • Engineering, and
  • Finance courses,

The UoSM Achiever Scholarship covers your tuition fees! It rewards students who did well in their pre-degree studies with up to 50% tuition waivers. There are 2 categories to look out for

  1. The 50% Waiver
    • Undergraduate Courses:
      • Actuarial Science
      • Computer Science
      • Economics
      • Engineering
    • Minimum Requirements:
      • A-Level: 2A*1A
      • UEC: 3 A1
      • STPM: 2A 1A-
  2. The 33% Waiver
    • Undergraduate Courses:
      • Accounting
      • Business
      • Finance
    • Minimum Requirements:
      • A-Level: 3A
      • UEC: 2A1
      • STPM: 3A-

The UoSM Undergraduate Study Grant (UEC & Non-UEC Qualification)

If you are starting your degree programme, this financial aid can help you. UoSM’s Undergraduate Study Grant welcomes new freshmen with up to RM7,000 off their tuition!

To qualify, you must check all the boxes for your intended degree courses.

The PTPTN Loan

In 1997, the Malaysian Government introduced the Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (Or National Higher Education Fund Corporation). This institution provides university students with education loans to lighten their financial burden. The PTPTN loan is open to all local students to apply, and the amount you will get varies based on your financial background.


You can apply for both the PTPTN loan and a scholarship. However, do be careful about the criteria they have as some scholarships may have specific eligibilities.

The good news is that all UoSM degree courses are eligible for PTPTN loans! Local university students who study in Malaysia can opt for this avenue. If you do well in your studies, you may even be free from repaying it.

(You can find a guide about applying for PTPTN loans here. If you are already a recipient, you can also explore this article before you repay.)

Are you ready to study at a UK University in Malaysia?

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So, is getting into a UK university in Malaysia impossible? Nope.

By knowing your options and careful planning, you can make it happen! To help you move closer to your goals, start by preparing

  1. A clear budget outline
  2. A rundown of your goals & preferences
  3. A list of course & university options

Furthermore, the biggest upside of being a UoSM student is that the university will have your back in your education. It continues to provide top-quality education and facilities to students looking to prepare themselves for the working world.

Through a combination of 

  1. Scholarships, 
  2. Financial Aid, and 
  3. Transfer Options, 

You can obtain a quality UK degree at a reasonable cost. Plus, you do not have to apply for them!

Get started here to find out how you can save more on the Foundation courses at the University of Southampton Malaysia.