Education Pathway to Accounting – Learning the Language of Business

accounting 会计学

    The skill and knowledge of accounting is needed in every business and organisation.

    It is used as an internationally recognised ‘’language’’ to assess the health and sustainability of such businesses and organisations.

    Therefore, accounting will always be relevant as its rules and standards adapt to the ever-changing business environment.

    Deep knowledge in accounting also helps one to make more financially savvy and thought through decisions in life.

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    What is Accounting?

    Uni Enrol shows you how there's more to accounting than just crunching numbers.

    If you google accounting you will find the definition of Accounting as a systematic process of recording financial transactions pertaining to a business which is used for analysing and reporting.

    However, the true value of accounting is to allow an individual or company to make very critical key decisions for the future based on the assessment of historical financial trends and metrics.

    Check out this video of why accounting is important.

    Why Consider Accounting?

    Uni Enrol gives you insights into different career opportunities to help you find a fulfilling career path.

    1. As an accountant you are the closest to understanding the insights of businesses and you will be in a trusted position to provide financial advice to management.

    2. An accountant’s salary can be lucrative especially a certified Chartered Accountant (CA). In Malaysia the demand for CA is high seeing that there are only 10,000 registered CAs.

    3. Knowing how to manage finances already gives you an advantage if you plan to start a business as most business fail because of lack of financial understanding.

    4. Accountancy can be a fulfilling career especially when you fit into these traits required to be a successful accountant.

    • Motivated in dealing and solving complex transactions
    • Comfortable and love working with numbers
    • Meticulous and have a good eye for details
    • Enjoy following and understanding business news
    • High ethical values


    Fields of Accounting

    Main Branches of Accounting Fields

    Explore a variety of roles and responsibilities through different branches of accounting.

    Graduates must note that having CA certification allows one to accelerate their careers and have more opportunities to assume higher level of responsibilities and earnings.

    Generally, those who do not attain CA certification have scope limited to operational tasks such as book-keeping, credit control, payables and receivables management and so forth.

    This video best explains the difference between Accounting and Book-keeping:

    Audit firms are the best places for graduates to fast track their career, salary and experience in the accounting line. Most audit firms require auditing staff to be certified CAs.

    In accounting studies you will also cover taxation subjects which provides you with basic grounding to explore a career in tax.

    What Does Your Pathway Look Like?

    Below are the typical pathways to getting your accounting degree.

     Uni Enrol helps you determine when you'll graduate by showing you different education pathways.

    Minimum Requirements for a Degree in Accounting

    To enrol in a degree programme in a Malaysian university, you will generally need:


    Minimum Requirement








    ATAR of 65


    CGPA 2.5


    CGPA 2.5

    Do note different universities have varying requirements.

    How to Be a Chartered Accountant?

    Becoming a chartered accountant is a good way to improve your accounting career opportunities and salary.

    Special Note: Some universities offer a four-year accounting degree that is recognised by MIA. So you do not need to take further professional certification exams. Scroll down to find which university offers this!

    Which Private Universities Offer Accounting Courses?

    1. INTI International University & Colleges

    INTI International University & Colleges
    Available courses: 

    Estimated tuition fees per year: 

    • RM18,000 (Foundation)
    • RM16,000 (Diploma)
    • RM21,000 (Degree)


    2. Taylor’s University 

    Taylor's University

    Available courses:

    Estimated tuition fees per year: 

    • RM22,000 (Foundation)
    • RM33,300 (Degree)
    • RM20,000 (CAT & ACCA)

    Read more about Taylor’s Accounting courses here.

    3. Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak

    Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia

    Available courses:

    Estimated tuition fees per year: 

    • RM16,000 (Foundation)
    • RM23,000 (Degree)


    4. KDU Penang University College

    KDU Penang University College

    Available courses:

    Estimated tuition fees per year: 

    • RM17,000 (Foundation)
    • RM20,000 (Degree)
    • RM15,000 (Diploma)


    5. Sunway University

    Sunway University & Colleges

    Available courses:

    Estimated tuition fees per year: 

    • RM20,000 (Foundation)
    • RM27,000 (Degree)
    • RM12,000 (CAT & ACCA)


    6. Multimedia University (MMU)

    Multimedia University (MMU)

    Available courses:

    Estimated tuition fees per year: 

    • RM17,000 (Foundation)
    • RM17,000 (Degree)
    • RM9,000 (Diploma)


    7. International University Malaya-Wales

    International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW)

    Available course: 

    Estimated tuition fees per year:

    • RM20,000 (Degree)

    8. ACCA Programmes

    ACCA logo

    Institutions offering ACCA:

    • Taylor’s University
    • Sunway University
    • KDU University College
    • MCKL
    • Sentral College
    • Disted College

    Estimated tuition fees per year:

    • RM7,000 – RM17,000