Education Pathway to Business – How to Turn Ideas into Value


    You will come across business in every aspect of your life, from the moment you were born.

    If you see a business degree as your path to success, then read on!

    Come find out what the fields of business are, the minimum requirements for the courses and the universities that offer such courses.

    What is Business?

    Put simply, a business is an entity made up of a group of people with the goal of generating profit through goods and services to consumers.

    However, the study of business is on the application of ideas and how you create value for the goods and services you provide to consumers.

    Why Consider Business?

    You will develop a broad range of essential knowledge during your course, whether it’s about marketing, management, finance, or technology.

    That essential knowledge, coupled with the critical skills you learn throughout your course, means you will be in demand among employers.

    Business will open many career options for you, since you are not limited to the business, accounting, and finance industries.

    Fields of Business

    In the study of business, there are many specialised fields. Below are 5:

     The wide variety of business field specialisations gives students flexibility to explore their interests.


    Accounting teaches you how to assess the health of a company.

    You will pick up valuable skills in bookkeeping, auditing, and financial reporting.


    Finance teaches you how to manage money and wealth.

    You’ll get to build up skills in funds allocation, investment, and weigh financial risks and rewards.

    Business Management

    Business Management teaches you how to plan, organise, and lead employees to reach the desired goals.

    You’ll learn about the markets, finance, and also operations.

    Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management teaches you how to manage employees effectively.

    You’ll dig deep into organisational behaviour, people management, and business ethics.


    Marketing teaches you how to craft a company’s message to the market to build trust and loyalty.

    You’ll get to analyse consumer demand and customise your company’s message to meet market needs.

    What Does Your Pathway Look Like

    Uni Enrol recommends you plan your education pathway to determine when you'll graduate and begin employment.

    Minimum Requirements for a Degree in Business


    Minimum of 2Cs


    Minimum CGPA of 2.0


    Minimum of 2Es

    Canadian Pre-U

    Average of 65% in 6 subjects


    Minimum of ATAR 50 (with credit in Maths)


    Which Private Universities Offer Business Courses?

    Taylor’s University

    Taylor's University

    Available courses:

    Estimated tuition fees per year:

    • RM24,000 (Foundation)
    • RM24,000 (Diploma)
    • RM33,100 (Degree)


    INTI International University & Colleges

    INTI International University & Colleges

    Available courses: 

    Estimated tuition fees per year:

    • RM18,005 (Foundation)
    • RM16,100 (Diploma)
    • RM26,600 (Degree)


    KDU Penang University College

    KDU Penang University College

    Available course:

    Estimated tuition fees per year:

    • RM13,290 (Foundation)
    • RM15,500 (Diploma)
    • RM20,000 (Degree)


    UCSI University 

    UCSI University & Colleges

    Available courses:

    Estimated tuition fees per year:

    • RM18,000 (Foundation)
    • RM15,800 (Diploma)
    • RM19,400 (Degree)


    Swinburne University of Technology

    Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia

    Available courses:

    Estimated tuition fees per year:

    • RM16,300 (Foundation)
    • RM16,000 (Diploma)
    • RM23,000 (Degree)


    International University of Malaya-Wales

    International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW)

    Available courses:

    Estimated tuition fees per year:

    • RM12,000 (Foundation)
    • RM16,000 (Degree)