Education Pathway to Early Childhood Education – Guide and Nurture the Next Generation

early childhood education

A child’s first years are their most important.

Considered the age of exploration and discovery, these years are where a child forms character, individuality and behaviour.

These “life presets” will be carried on for life. 

Pretty complex, isn’t it?

This is where early childhood education professionals step in.

An early childhood educator nurtures a child’s development patiently and encourage a child’s natural talent. 

If you have a strong passion in guiding and caring for children, then Early Childhood Education may be the best course for you.

Read on to find out more about the field.


What is Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education specializes in the learning and development of children from birth up to the age of eight.

However, early childhood education is more than educating children.

It also opens career opportunities into psychology, science and administration.  

Possibly one of the most hands-on field, early childhood experts work very closely with people.

They communicate with both children and adults, bridging the gap between both age groups. 

The Different Stages of Early Childhood Education

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The development of a child’s brain occurs rapidly during the first 5 years of life.

They experience rapid linguistic, cognitive, social, emotional, and motor development.

In fact, 85% of a child’s central brain structure is already formed by three. 

There are a few distinct stages in the early childhood field.

In Malaysia, there are two age groups of children who fall under early childhood education: 0-4 years old, and 4-6 years old.

Early childhood educators for children aged 0-4 years old provide their services at a nursery.

They attend to the basic needs and organise activities to foster a child’s curiosity and development. 

Early childhood educators for children aged 4-6 years old provide their services at a kindergarten.

They teach subject-based activities focusing on basic academic skills while developing a child’s personality. 

Why Study Early Childhood Education?

The world’s population is continuously increasing.

This natural phenomenon means there is an increasing need for qualified, patient and creative educators

If you are patient, adapt easily and strive to be a great communicator, then a career in the early childhood field may be for you.

You will need to also enjoy getting your hands dirty and indulge in spontaneity. 

Exciting careers opportunities in the field include early childhood principal, teacher and tertiary education lecturer.

An early childhood career can possibly provide you a platform to push for educational changes. 


Minimum Requirements for a Degree

To enrol in an Early Childhood Education degree in Malaysia, you will generally need:

STPM: 2 Principal Passes (or CGPA 2.0)
A-Level: 2 Principal Passes  (or CGPA 2.0)
UEC: 5 B’s
Diploma: CGPA 2.0 

OR the equivalent grades as above from any recognised pre-university course such as South Australian Matriculation (SAM) and Canadian Pre-University (CPU) 

Entry requirements vary depending on the university, so make sure you do your research!

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What Does Your Pathway Look Like?

It typically takes up to three years to complete a degree course in Early Childhood Education.

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Which Private Universities Offer Early Childhood Education Courses?

1. SEGi University & Colleges

SEGi University & Colleges

Available course:

Estimated tuition fees per year:

  • RM18,616 (twinning included)

2. Kolej DIKA

Kolej DIKA

Available course:

Estimated tuition fees per year:

  • RM 12,433

3. HELP University & Colleges

HELP University & Colleges

Available courses:

Estimated tuition fees per year:

  • RM 24,033

4. UNITAR International University

UNITAR International University (UNITAR)

Available courses:

Estimated tuition fees per year:

  • RM 16,327


Keep These in Mind


Ensure your university is accredited by the government.

It will also determine whether you are eligible for a loan from PTPTN, employment in public sector, and possible credit transfers.

You can check here.

Approval from the Government

If you plan to work at a nursery, ensure that they are registered with Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Malaysia (JKM) which is under the provision of the Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development.

If you plan to work at a kindergarten, then check if they are approved by the Ministry of Education and follow the National Preschool Curriculum set by the Ministry of Education.


Unregulated Curriculum

Currently, there is no specific curriculum for nursery.

This means you will have to do your research and adapt to the teaching methods established by the nursery.