How to Score Good Results in Courses You Hate


University courses are designed to prepare you for life after graduation. Just like secondary school, students tend to prefer some courses more than others. There are many instances where some of you might even outright dislike a particular course.  

Disliking a course doesn’t mean that you will fail in it. Learning to cope with it is vital if you hope to graduate from your university.

Whether you’re in a public or private university in Malaysia, here are a few tips you can use to get good results in the course that you hate.  



Avoid Skipping Classes

Missing class sets you back more than you know. Apart from having an absent attendance mark, you will miss out on key information from the lecturer. Skipping classes will leave you confused about the course.

Try as much as you can to attend all the classes. Though you might not understand the lessons, you’ll still have an idea of what the course is all about, which can help you understand better when you read your book or work with a tutor. Also, in class, you will have a chance to ask questions about topics you don’t understand.



Change Your Learning Technique

Do you know which learning technique suits you best? Your learning technique refers to a system or an approach that helps you learn things well. When you have identified a method, you can experiment with it in the course you dislike to see if it suits your needs.  

Different learning techniques apply to different students. Some students understand better when taught one-on-one, some understand better when they study alone, while some prefer study groups. Find out which one works best for you.



Join a Study Group

Study groups can be helpful in a case where you dislikes a particular course. Hanging around other students who like the course will inadvertently influence how you feel about the course as well.

Apart from that, a study group creates an avenue for you to be tutored and mentored by your peers. what’s more, you have easy access to them and can ask questions about the topics that you don’t understand.



Create a Study Schedule

It can be tempting to ignore a subject you dislike and avoid working on it. Don’t do that! You still need to put in your time and effort into this course.

Endeavour to complete your assignments because it is an excellent way to build your knowledge on the topic and measure your ability to use specific concepts.

Also, try to participate in class discussions. Because actively engaging with the subject can help you confront your dislike and to understand the concepts that you struggle with.



Talk to Your Lecturer

If all the above tips still do not change the way you feel about the course, then it’s a good idea to talk to your lecturer. Be honest about your struggles in the course. Ask the lecturer if they can provide resources, like articles, documentaries, websites, or YouTube videos, that can help you get engaged with the subject.

The lecturer could offer a different perspective that can change your view about the course. He or she may even demonstrate how the course applies to real-life situations, which can help you see value in what you’re studying.



Concentrate on Key Topics in Examination

Lecturers always come up with a course curriculum for the semester and deliver to the students, which can give you a rough guide of what to expect in the examination. Focus on the topics given by the lecturer if studying every chapter in the book will stress you out. This method may not guarantee an A but it can cover the necessary areas to help you pass your exam.  

Actively making efforts to study a course you dislike may seem stressful. But remember that you won’t be taking the same subject throughout your uni life since there are plenty of other courses waiting for you to complete it.  

Follow the tips given above, and watch your results soar. Who knows, getting good results may change your view about the course?