Learn How U-Bridge Increases Your Success Into Top U.S. Colleges

University Bridge (U-Bridge) provides students speedier access into college studies in the United States. U-Bridge offers a 2+2 transfer course for international students in partnership with five of the nation’s premier two-year colleges: PVCC in Virginia and four colleges in California being College of San Mateo, College of Marin, Santa Monica College and Irvine Valley College. 

The first two (2) years will be spent at any one of the  five (5) partner colleges and thereafter (including gaining a minimum of 60 credits) students can transfer with third-year status to any of 180 four-year partner universities across the country. Some of these highly reputable partner colleges include UCLA, UC Berkeley, Virginia Tech, UC Santa Barbara and many more.

The advantage that students get through U-Bridge are:

  • Being paired with an educational advisor who will guide and build a unique pathway and assists with the course registration.
  • Higher chances of entry into top colleges versus applying directly. For example, entry into UCLA through U-Bridge gives students a 70% chance of acceptance versus 5% for those applying directly
  • U-Bridge’s CollegeCare programme helps support students throughout their education years from assisting with accommodation, visa processing, networking with other U-Bridge students and all round advice to help you adjust to new environments.
  • Over 80% of U-Bridge’s students since 2015 have been admitted to a Top 50 US university using college GPA results. No SAT results required.
  • Any chosen transfer is almost guaranteed as long as the minimum results requirement is met.

Reach out to us if you are keen on increasing your chances into top colleges and universities in the United State.