Why Psychology at Taylor’s?

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    Fees Calculation for Master of Clinical Psychology

    Tuition fee: RM 53,048

    Scholarship: RM 1,000

    UE Sponsorship: ✅

    Education Loan: ✅

    Nett Fee: RM [ 52,048 ] (RM 2,168 per month)

    *Full time classes: 4 subjects/ semester, classes from Friday Evening, Saturday / Sunday alternatively.  Duration 2  years, Max 5 years (FULL TIME).


    Subjects Covered in Master of Clinical Psychology

    • Adult Clinical Psychology
    • Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology
    • Biological Psychology and Psychopharmacology
    • Psychology Interventions and Therapies
    • Psychology Assessment and Diagnosis
    • Professional and Ethical Practice (Clinical)
    • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    • Clinical Practicum and Seminar I
    • Intermediate Research Methods and Statistics
    • Clinical Practicum and Seminar II
    • Research Project I
    • Research Project II


    Editor’s View: Why Master of Clinical Psychology?

    The Master of Clinical Psychology at Taylor’s University is created for those who want to pursue a Clinical Psychology career whether as a scientist or a practitioner. 

    The programme covers the areas of diagnosis, psychological assessment, psychotherapy, intervention, clinical research, and prevention of mental health issues.

    For students who are looking to get professional recognition, the programme covers the minimum of 1500 clinical practicum hours as set by the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology.

    Not only will you learn from experienced academicians, you will also work hand in hand with industrial experts during your studies.

    During the programme you will be exposed to the latest technology in clinical research as well.

    Fees Calculation for Master of Counseling

    Full Time:

    Tuition fee: RM 40,008

    Scholarship: RM 1,000

    UE Sponsorship: ✅

    Education Loan: ✅

    Nett Fee: RM [ 39,008 ] (RM 1,625 per month)  

    Part Time:

    Tuition fee: RM 40,008

    Scholarship: RM 1,000

    UE Sponsorship: ✅

    Education Loan: ✅

    Nett Fee: RM [ 39,008 ] (RM 1,084 per month)

    Subjects Covered in Master of Counseling

    Core Modules

    • Human Development: Biopsychosocial and Psychopathological Issues
    • Counselling Interventions: Skills and Techniques
    • Theories and Applications of Psychotherapy
    • Career Theories and Personal Development
    • Career Counselling: Assessments and Applications
    • Group and Family Dynamics
    • Research Methodology and Statistics
    • Testing and Measurement in Counselling
    • Professional Ethics and Clinical Management
    • Thematic Multicultural Counselling
    • Case Management and Assessment
    • Research Project
    • Counselling Practicum
    • Counselling Internship


    Editor’s View: Why Master of Counseling?

    The Master of Counseling programme gives students the gateway to provide mental health care to those who need it.

    If you are considering becoming a licensed counselor this programme will get you the skills and knowledge you need to be registered under Malaysia’s Board of Counsellors (Lembaga Kaunselor Malaysia).

    You will undergo balanced research and practical training during the programme while being guided by experienced professionals.

    The on-campus psychology facilities act as a support for your pursuit of more knowledge and skills with local and international bodies.

    Why Choose to Study at Taylor’s

    Taylor’s is the top private university in Malaysia, 284th in the 2023 QS World Rankings.

    Its high ranking in the QS Graduate Employment Rankings 2022 is a good indicator that its curriculum and teaching are producing the graduates that are sought after by employers.

    With Taylor’s network of alumni and industry partners, students can be sure of job availability upon graduation.

    Its sustained quality over the years also gives employers the assurance that Taylor’s graduates are industry-ready.