ONCAMPUS Guarantees Acceptance Into UK Universities

ONCAMPUS is a pre-university pathway programme that allows students to secure a smoother transition into universities of their choice. This is possible via a partnership between many of the world’s leading universities and Cambridge Education Group. ONCAMPUS centres are based on university campuses throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

Due to the programme’s high standards, it enables international students who do not meet the requirements for direct entry to university study, and benefit from the support offered by ONCAMPUS to progress to their chosen university. These partnering universities include University of Reading (UK), University of Amsterdam (Europe), Illinois Institute of Technology (US) and many more.

As ONCAMPUS works closely with its partners, it has 14 different physical centres which are located within the campuses of its university partners. Transfers from ONCAMPUS’s pre-university courses into the over 500 degree pathways students can choose from is almost guaranteed, provided minimum academic requirements are met.

Students will not at all be limited in what they can study as its partners offer a multitude of options from staple courses such as Accounting, Marketing or Design to highly technical fields such as Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, and Biotechnology.

Students seeking a smooth transition for their higher education with the best guidance and support should consider enrolling into ONCAMPUS.