PIDC: 1 of the Most Affordable Dental University In Penang

About Dentistry

Before we reveal why PIDC is the ideal university in Penang for dentistry studies, here is a quick bite of what this field is all about.

Dentistry is the study of managing oral health. A dentistry graduate studies to

  • diagnose,
  • treat, and
  • prevent oral disease.

To become a registered practitioner in Malaysia, one has to go through approximately 7 years of education and practical training combined. After completing all the lectures and trainings, licensed dentists have the option to take on one of the following careers:

  • Oral Surgery: Operating on teeth, gums, jaws, as well as the surrounding oral and facial features.
  • Orthodontics: The prevention and correction of teeth, bites and jaws.
  • Paediatric Dentistry: Oral Healthcare for Infants and young teens.
  • Restorative Dentistry: The repair and restoration of the teeth.
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If you are fascinated by oral care and science, why not consider it? In Malaysia, the Penang International Dental College (PIDC) is one of the optimal study destination for aspiring dentists.

Who is PIDC?

Penang International Dental College (PIDC) is a premier higher education university in Penang, Malaysia. Founded in 2006, PIDC has quickly established itself as one of the leading dental colleges in the region, offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in dental science. To date, the renowned institution has trained close to 800 dental surgeons since its inception.

Furthermore, PIDC is committed to providing its students with a comprehensive education in the field of dentistry. This Penang university offers a Malaysian Dental Council-recognised 5-year Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). It is in this course that students will learn the necessary skills to become successful dental practitioners. In their tertiary journey, they will build their understanding of basic sciences, clinical sciences, and research methods.

Why Study Dentistry at PIDC?

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Reason 1: PIDC heavily highlights clinical education.

One of the unique features of PIDC is its strong emphasis on clinical education. The college has a state-of-the-art clinic and facilities where students can gain hands-on experience in treating patients under the supervision of experienced dental practitioners. At PDIC, students can utilise its

  • polyclinics,
  • libraries,
  • laboratories, and
  • computer labs, to help them in their studies.

During their 5 year journey, students will pursue their first two (2) years of clinical studies at Saujana Putra Campus, MAHSA University. Then, they will complete their final three (3) years of clinical training at the Penang International Dental College, Butterworth Campus, Penang.

Reason 2: PIDC has a strong research program.

The second reason to study at PIDC is that the school has established a solid research program, with many of its faculty members actively engaging in various research projects. The college provides the necessary resources and support to encourage its students to participate in research activities. In addition, the dedicated Penang University also collaborates with many universities and research institutions worldwide, allowing students to gain international exposure and experience.

Among such collaborations is with 

  • Arany Lab, 
  • Department of Oral Biology, 
  • University at Buffalo, USA ( For an international dental research collaboration on light therapy)

The collaboration with University at Buffalo, USA aims to enable clinical translational research for the use of Photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy in dentistry and supportive cancer care in Malaysia. In addition, they hope to provide PIDC students and faculty with an opportunity for research experience.

Reason 3: PIDC is home to state-of-the-art dental facilities.

Moreover, PIDC also houses a full-fledged dental centre. For the past fourteen (14) years, the dental clinic has been fully operational to provide the public with holistic dental care services. Together with their experienced staff, they play a major role in developing oral health care, especially for patients of the lower income group, the physically and mentally challenged groups and senior citizens.

How to Enter PIDC?

Nailing a degree in dentistry is something you can achieve. To enter PIDC’s Doctor of Dental Surgery Programme, you will need to

A. Complete your SPM or O-levels with B’s in 

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics, or
  • Mathematics/ Additional Mathematics with 1 other subject

B. Enter a Foundation/ Pre-university course
A foundation or Pre-U programme is the foundation for earning that DDS certificate at PIDC. Among the courses recognised by this Penang University include:

a. Matriculation/ Foundation in Science/ Pre-Medical course

  • To enter DDS, you will need a CGPA of 3.0 in 3(out of 4)subjects:
    • Biology,
    • Chemistry
    • Physics, or
    • Mathematics

b. A-Levels/ STPM

  • To enter DDS, you will need a BBB or an ABC grade in 3 subjects:
    • Biology,
    • Chemistry
    • Physics, or
    • Mathematics/ Advanced Mathematics

c. Monash University Pre-University Monash (MUFY)

  • To enter DDS, you will need an average of 80% / Bs in 3 subjects:
    • Biology,
    • Chemistry
    • Physics, or
    • Mathematics

d. Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)

  • To enter DDS, you will need B4 grades in 5 subjects:
    • Biology,
    • Chemistry
    • Physics, 
    • Mathematics,
    • Advanced Mathematics
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Why Study in Penang?

PIDC sits in the bright city of Penang, a state in Malaysia known for its rich history, culture, and food. The beautiful city of George Town is the capital of Penang and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As such, it is home to a number of historical landmarks and museums. Furthermore, it is also famous for its delicious food, with a wide variety of local and international cuisines available.

Secondly, PIDC places a strong emphasis on clinical education, research, and extracurricular activities, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to pursue a career in dentistry. That being said, being located in the culturally rich state of Penang offers a diverse customary exploration which can enhance the experiences of any future PIDC students.

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