Tech Trends That Transform Your Life

APU tech trends

Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) has always been at the forefront of educating the next generation of change-makers as the world undergoes a digital transformation.

With Industrial Revolution 4.0 in full swing, many new technologies have been adopted in various industries to stay relevant.

The Computer Science and Information Technology programmes at APU are tailored to meet the demands of current tech trends.

So, what are the tech trends that currently play a huge role in our daily lives? Come check out the lists and see if you can identify any at your home!



Big Data

APU tech trends

You’ve probably heard of Big Data being thrown around in discussions about the latest tech. Big Data refers to advanced data analytics that helps us extract valuable information accurately from enormously complex and varied streams of data.

Essentially, Big Data is the reason why online shopping sites show you certain products you’ve clicked on previously, and why sometimes your product recommendations are similar to those who live around you.

With APU’s BSc (Hons) in Computer Science with a Specialism in Data Analytics, you’ll be able to join the workforce as one of the highly sought-after data scientist. APU works with industry partners to deliver content that is relevant to the industry, arming students with key skills that are vital for a data scientist. Modules on programming, modeling, analyses, and management form the circle of knowledge that will be drawn upon in a student’s future career. In addition to that, graduates are awarded the Joint Professional Certificate by SAS.



Internet of Things (IoT)

APU tech trends IoT

If you own a smartphone, you own a smart device. Chances are, your TV is also a smart TV. The Internet of Things (IoT) era has created a boom in smart devices, and there are no signs of slowing down.

Through APU’s BSc (Hons) in Information Technology with a Specialism in Internet of Things (IoT), you’ll learn the finer points of being an IT professional. You’ll be taught how to code (Python) and how to use the wide range of IoT technologies, which include networking, systems programming and security.

Whether it’s being a tech consultant, mobile app developer or a network developer, APU’s degree will arm you with the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in your career.

APU is a member institution of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy. Their partnership on the cloud computing curriculum through its multi-disciplinary IT degree options prepares students to pursue careers in the fast-growing cloud computing space and industry-recognised AWS Certifications.



Artificial Intelligence (AI)

APU tech trends AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the hottest buzzwords in recent years. There is a higher adoptability of AI in various industries, as evidenced by its role in the development of the other trends on this list.

The best example is its rapid growth alongside Big Data, where both AI and Big Data have been able to transform the way we interact with the World Wide Web.

To kick start a career in AI, APU’s Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (Intelligent Systems) will teach you how to design systems that uses machine learning, fuzzy logic, and more. You’ll also learn how to evaluate the inner workings of complex software systems, and come up with new ways to use AI.

Some of the careers that are heavily involved in AI include machine learning engineer, AI specialist, and even a backend game developer.



Cyber Security

APU tech trends cyber security









With businesses increasingly being connected to different networks, they also face threats that could undermine its operations and success. This gave rise to the demand for cyber security experts who can help them identify problem areas and provide solutions based on their needs.

If you are one of those students who always find a different way to solve math problems and have a keen eye for details, then you should consider APU’s BSc (Hons) in Computer Science (Cyber Security).

You’ll be building your foundation in mathematical techniques and skills in algorithmic thinking in Year 1 before diving into systems and technologies that are critical in cyber security.

Some of the cyber security careers you can consider are ethical hacker, cyber security analyst/specialist, or even an information security engineer.

APU also offers a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science with a Specialism in Digital Forensics to develop technical knowledge, skills and background in the design and organisation of computer systems with an emphasis on digital forensics.

The campus has Malaysia’s first state-of-the-art infrastructure and learning space – CyberSecurity Talent Zone (CSTZ) – that incorporates military-grade real-time cybersecurity monitoring systems, research centres and simulation infrastructure.

The full-fledged Cyber Threats Simulation and Response Centre (or Cyber Range) and Security Operations Centre (SOC) stream live monitoring data extracted from a database of cyber-attacks worldwide, providing a platform for hands-on practice on ethical hacking and incident response to nurture security professionals.

Curious about what else APU has to offer to help you be part of the next wave of tech leaders? Come ask our counsellors for more information!