This is How You Pick Your A-Level Subjects

a-level subjects

In our previous A-Level article, we gave you an extensive guide on the basics of A-Level, including information about scholarships and fees.

Whether or not you know what degree course you will take, you’re still required to pick specific subjects for your A-Level.

We’re here to give you an easy guide on how to make your choices! Hopefully, you’ll find it easier to decide once you’ve read our advice.



Find Out What A-Level Subjects Are Offered at Your College

There are over 50 subjects offered by the Cambridge International Advanced Level, and around 19 by Edexcel Advanced Level.

Not all subjects may be available at local institutions.

For example, Computer Science is offered at Taylor’s University, but the subject isn’t available at HELP University College or KDU University College.



Find Out the Minimum SPM Requirements to Apply For A-Level

If you plan to take non-Science subjects in A-Levels, you need at least 5 credits in your SPM to be accepted, and there are generally no pre-requisite subjects required from SPM.

However, if you plan to take Science-related subjects for A-Level, most universities have fixed SPM requirements, such as a minimum of C’s in certain or all your Science SPM subjects.



Check the Mandatory Subjects for Your Undergraduate Course

So you already know what you’re planning to take for your degree?

That’s great!

You should also know that some degree courses require specific mandatory subjects to be taken in your A-Level.

We’ve compiled a handy list of popular degree subjects Malaysian students usually opt for after A-Level, as well as their mandatory and recommended subjects.

What are recommended subjects?

These subjects offer a broader exposure to the field you’re interested in, and would strengthen your results when you apply for top universities.


Mandatory subjects: Mathematics and Physics
Recommended subjects: Further Mathematics, Chemistry


Mandatory subject: Mathematics
Recommended subject: Economics


Mandatory subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry
Recommended subject: Physics


Mandatory subjects: Biology, Chemistry
Recommended subject: Mathematics


Mandatory subject: None
Recommended subject: English, Economics, Sociology

Accounting & Finance

Mandatory subjects: Mathematics
Recommended subject: Economics

Computer Science & IT

Mandatory subjects: Mathematics, Information Technology
Recommended subject: Physics



Find Out How Many A-Level Subjects to Take

Taking 3 A-Level subjects with the right combination is sufficient to enrol into any degree course.

Students who aim to get into top tier universities abroad can consider taking on 4 subjects.

Do keep in mind that it will be challenging!


You Can Take ‘Facilitating Subjects’ If You Are Undecided

Facilitating subjects allows you to have more course options when you finish your A Level, as they are frequently asked for by universities.

Examples of facilitating subjects include Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, English Literature, Geography, Physics, and History.

You can apply for an Arts degree with Science-related subjects.

However, the university might require you to take an additional test.

What Your Strengths and Interests Are

We understand that picking your A-Level subjects may be difficult.

It is important that you know whether you can do well and are interested in them.

For instance, you may have always been good in languages and writing essays, so picking subjects such as English Literature and Law would not be a problem.

And luckily for you, there are now a lot of FREE online resources (such as Cambridge International and GoConqr) for you to get a better picture of the subjects.

If you want to get more information on A-Level and other pre-university courses, contact our counsellors today!