Top Reasons To Study Business At SENTRAL

business at SENTRAL

Wanting to study business but don’t know whether you should?

SENTRAL College Penang is among the most affordable options for business in Malaysia. They also provide quality business education for students. 

Here are 4 reasons to consider studying business at SENTRAL.



They Have One of The Most Affordable Course Options in Malaysia

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SENTRAL’s BSc (Hons) Business & Management (3+0) with University of Salford, UK is one of the most affordable UK 3+0 degrees in Malaysia.

SENTRAL’s diploma and degree courses are among the most affordable options in Malaysia.

For example, it costs RM56,000 to study Business & Management (3+0) with University of Salford, UK course at SENTRAL, while the average 3+0 degree costs RM72,000 in Malaysia.    

SENTRAL’s business diploma costs RM21,000, compared with the average business diploma which costs RM30,000.


One of the UK’s Top 100 Universities Ensures the Quality of their Courses

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The University of Salford, UK ensures the quality of SENTRAL’s business programmes.

SENTRAL works with the University of Salford, UK to ensure its business degree course has the same teaching quality and curriculum standards.  

The University of Salford was ranked among the top 100 universities in the UK based on QS World University Rankings in 2020. 

Their business degree course also meet the expectations of other UK regulatory bodies.



Their Teaching Staff is Dedicated to Help Students

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Sarviin A/L Karna explained that he found his lecturers helpful and willing to solve his problems.

SENTRAL ensures each student receives attention and guidance from their lecturers by intentionally maintaining a small classroom size.

Lecturers also routinely dedicate time to help students apply their learning materials in a practical setting. 

Additionally, SENTRAL academic staff are capable of teaching students in-depth knowledge of their field, with 92% of them being Masters and PhD holders.



Students Get to Explore George Town’s Rich Cultural Environment

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George Town’s rich cultural environment is filled with many small businesses that students can learn from. 

George Town is a tourism hotspot with many opportunities for students to learn about different businesses by exploring their surroundings. 

For example, SENTRAL business students took field trips to Gurney Plaza and Chowrasta Market to learn how to promote products and conduct business. 

George Town’s rich cultural environment can also help students broaden their perspective by understanding new ideas from street art, architecture and even tourists around them.