Your Top 6 Universities in Malaysia to Consider After SPM

top private universities in Malaysia

“In a few years, turn left to enter A-levels,” says your Life GPS.

The truth is, every pathway is not the same. We may get a little lost on what and where to study too.

In this article, we will share an overview of the pathways after SPM that you can sleep on. We also have a list of the top private universities in Malaysia ready for you to check into.

What Are the Pathways After SPM to Further Study?

malaysia university
Taylor’s students eager to begin their education

Generally, most students will choose to attend either public or private universities to pursue their higher education. Some of the pre-university programmes available at private institutions in Malaysia are more versatile than others since they offer students greater degree choices.

To get a better picture, take a look at this range of pre-university programmes available. These university courses cater to the different pathways chosen by students:

Pre-University Courses


Average Tuition Fee


1 year

RM10,000- RM26,000


1 ½ – 2 years

RM16,000 – RM35,000


1 year

RM35,000 – RM40,000

American Degree Transfer Programme

4 years

RM60,000 (1st 2 years)


2 – 2 ½ years

RM20,000 – RM60,000

Malaysian Matriculation

1 – 2 years

Less than RM550


2 years


For you to pursue a pre-university course, you will need to have 5 credits in SPM, especially in Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah. But that is not all!

Some degree courses have specific entry requirements related to your SPM results.

For instance, you will need credit in Additional Mathematics as well if you want to pursue a degree in Computer Science. For an ACCA course, you will need credit in Mathematics and a pass in English.

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List of Top Private Universities in Malaysia for Further Study

Tailoring your education to your needs is no walk in the park. Having so many choices at hand, your internal RAM may shut down from filtering them.

Thus, we have prepared a list of the top private universities in Malaysia for you to consider after SPM:

Taylor’s University

Taylor's as one of the top universities in malaysia

Taylor’s is a world-class private higher education institution located in Subang Jaya, Selangor. This vibrant university is ranked 284th among all universities around the world, making it the highest-ranked Malaysian private university on the 2023 list.

Since its establishment, it has given it all to provide the highest quality of education. Behind the scenes, faculty members and industry leaders share their knowledge and experience. Hence, you will be up-to-date with the latest industry trends and practices.

Furthermore, the university’s radical curriculum reforms have borne fruit, as 99 per cent of Taylor’s graduates have been employed within six months of graduation.

If Taylor’s is your pick, scroll down to view the list of pre-u and diploma programmes offered there:


SACE International


American Degree Transfer Programme


Asia Pacific University (APU)

APU as one of the universities in malaysia

Coming in at number 2 on our list is the global sensation, APU. On campus, it houses 13,000 students from 130 nations. Today, it ranks 16 for International Students on the 2024 QS World University Ranking.

What draws the Bukit Jalil-born APU to us is its supportive environment. With your enrolment, you will have access to various premium facilities, including

  1. a psychology centre,
  2. a financial training centre,
  3. a computer game development studio, and
  4. an XR studio!

Besides, APU is a member of the Highest Rated Emerging Universities in Malaysia too. Several of the proudest moments for the university are

  1. receiving 5 QS Stars for Teaching, Employability, Facilities, and Inclusiveness, and
  2. a 5-star SETARA Rating from the Ministry of Higher Education!

APU also has strong partnerships with key industry leaders to produce qualified graduates. It regularly collaborates with the largest tech firms in Malaysia to get you job-ready. As such, it spurs a 100% employability rate, based on MOE’s most recent Graduate Tracer Study.

To begin your journey at APU, here is a list of pre-u and diploma programmes available for further study!



Multimedia University (MMU)

MMU as one of the universities in malaysia

MMU is the nation’s oldest full-fledged private research and government-linked university. Its journey began when Telekom Malaysia created its first private institution. Since then, it has become one of the top universities in Malaysia that offers affordability and quality.

This techy university has 2 campuses. One resides in Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur, while the other is at Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted with an array of facilities, including

  1. a Siri Intelligent Learning Lab,
  2. a Digital Home and Lifestyle Center, as well as
  3. a Micro Fabrication Lab.

Visit Multimedia University (MMU) and be amazed by its myriad course selections! (You can start off with either a foundation or a diploma.)



International Medical University (IMU)

IMU as one of the universities in malaysia

Growing up, many firstborns were told to set a good example for their younger siblings. And IMU did just that.

As Malaysia’s first private medical and health science university, it pours a lot of attention into its expertise in

  1. medicine
  2. health sciences
  3. dentistry
  4. pharmacy
  5. complementary and alternative medicine.

For one, IMU encourages innovation, imagination, and insight among students and staff. The institution sports an experimental learning environment to sharpen the student’s skills. Outside the classroom, you get to provide healthcare to the public through the IMU Cares Programme.

Thus, these factors prepare its graduates to become caring and knowledgeable healthcare professionals.

Thinking of enrolling at IMU? You can visit its campus in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, or browse through the list of pre-u and diploma courses here! (Don’t be shy; say hi ;3 )



HELP University

HELP as one of the universities in malaysia

Since 1986, HELP transformed into a leading university for tertiary education. As an education provider, you may know it as

  1. a thought leader,
  2. an incubator of outstanding graduates,
  3. a model of selective excellence, and
  4. a community-caring institution.

HELP is most recognised for its postgraduate Psychology and Business programmes. Yet, students also flock to its campus grounds to enrol in its other university courses, such as

  1. Accounting,
  2. Business,
  3. Communication,
  4. Education,
  5. Hospitality,
  6. Language, and
  7. Law courses.

Moreover, this young university is also a reliable gateway for students to study at top universities abroad. Australia, the UK, and Canada are some of the places you can add to your list.

To HELP you on your journey, we gathered a list of pre-u and diploma programmes you can sink your teeth into before enrolling:




UOW Malaysia KDU University College

UOW as one of the universities in malaysia

Previously known as KDU University and College, UOW Malaysia is part of Australia’s University of Wollongong global network. What drew the public to UOW is its accessibility, quality, and tertiary education to students.

Thus, it continues to be a prominent higher education provider for students to study in Malaysia.

For 38 years, UOW Malaysia’s name has travelled across the globe. Inside its arsenal, there are other educational weapons at its disposal, including

  1. Internationally recognised programmes,
  2. Modern campuses, and
  3. Vibrant, industry-focused modules.

Don’t believe us? Browse this list of pre-u and diploma programmes offered at UOW Malaysia to see it for yourself!




How to Find the Best Deal for a University Course

making the most at the top universities in malaysia
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