6 Great Ways UOW Malaysia KDU Penang’s School of Accounting & Business is Evolving

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    UOW Malaysia KDU University College’s School of Accounting & Business in Penang is one of the largest faculties within the institution with a high employment rate of its graduates. This achievement is thanks to its unique approach to learning, which emphasizes the practical application of learning concepts.

    Here are six things you should know about the School of Accounting & Business.

    The Evolution of the School of Accounting and Business

    1. Engaging and Practical Assessment

    The School understands that business education is rooted in real-world applications.

    In a fast-paced world, it is important for students to learn quickly and retain more knowledge and skills. This can be achieved through practical application.

    In this field of study, subjects such as business, management and marketing are often 80% coursework and 20% exams while a technical subject such as accounting will be 50%-50%.

    UOW Malaysia KDU Penang accounting & business

    These practical assessments are not just research-based work or assignments but are projects that include providing solutions for established companies. 

    With ample opportunity to work with real-world scenarios, students graduating from UOW Malaysia KDU Penang are among the highest potential graduates to seamlessly integrate into the workforce upon graduation. Read more about their success stories.

    2. Hands-On Projects

    Business students who want to specialise in marketing will have the opportunity to run marketing campaigns to understand buying decisions. For example, collecting customer feedback at Uniqlo apparel outlets.

    Hands-on projects which require students to perform first-hand surveys to understand consumer behaviour

    Students will then have to combine this with research work and finally present their findings in a public open space on the campus.

    Within their field of study, e-commerce specialised students on the other hand have to develop a website, host it and sell actual products or services online.

    For this assignment, they were evaluated based on their sales volume obtained from their respective websites. Fascinating, is it not?

    E-commerce projects by students using Facebook Business and other e-commerce platforms

    On top of this, many of the assessments involve a mix of presentations, research, assignments, group work and so on that will sharpen various skills from planning, teamwork, execution and leadership.

    3. University as an Entrepreneurship Incubator

    UOW Malaysia KDU Penang maintains a Student Entrepreneur Programme that is run by students and organises entrepreneurship workshops.

    Student Entrepreneur Programme at the School of Accounting and Business UOW Malaysia KDU

     Entrepreneur workshops held regularly at the campus

    Students are also allowed to kickstart their own businesses while studying and will receive various support such as mentorship and networking from the institution.

    The institution also holds an annual Best Business Project Competition where students from the School of Accounting & Business, School of Computing and School of Engineering form mixed teams to submit business proposals together with a product prototype which will be presented to judges who are entrepreneurs from various industries.

    Winners of the Best Business Competition 2017

    Throughout the process, students will attend workshops to learn skills in project financing, risk analysis, sales pitching, and evaluating business opportunities.

    A recent winner of this challenge ultimately received investment for their business proposal.

    4. Opportunity to Work with Real Clients

    Besides the typical internships, degree students are actually assigned to work with established companies.

    Some of these companies include Public Mutual and Tech Dome Penang.

    Under the guidance of their lecturer and the company’s representative, students will work in teams to create solutions for certain problems faced by these companies.

    The School is constantly working to get more corporate partners on board to provide more exposure to students on the industry standards and what is to be expected of them in the workforce.

    5. Foreign Culture Exposure

    Studying under UOW Malaysia KDU Penang’s degree in Business Management, students will attain a dual award from both UOW Malaysia KDU and the University of Lincoln UK.

    Another benefit of this degree is the opportunity to study for one semester at the University of Lincoln (ranked Top 50 in the UK by University Guide) with accommodation fully sponsored for seven weeks, which can save students a lot of money.

    Experiencing cultural exchange within a new learning environment will help broaden students’ horizons of the world.

    These experiences are more valuable than academic results themselves.

    6. Special Note for Accounting Degree Students

    Students who intend to study accounting under the Bachelor of Accountancy course can opt to complete five ACCA examination papers while in their third year of the degree.

    This is an accelerated course for students who want to kickstart their career as chartered accountants recognised by ACCA and the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). This puts the UOW Malaysia accounting candidates just short of acquiring the three years of working experience requirement.

    UOW Malaysia KDU Penang Accounting & Business Courses

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    BA (Hons) Business Management (3+0) with University of Lincoln, UKJan, Jun, Sep, Oct
    Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons) (3+0), with University of Lincoln, UKJan, Jun, Sep, Oct

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