UOW Malaysia KDU – 6 Handy Scholarships and Bursaries for You!

UOW Malaysia KDU 马来西亚伍伦贡伯乐
UOW Malaysia KDU 马来西亚伍伦贡伯乐

Introducing UOW Malaysia KDU University College! Housing various programs around Computer Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mass Communication, and Nursing — the UOW Malaysia Penang University College makes the list as one of the top universities in the Northern region of Malaysia!

As all esteemed education institutions do, they are no strangers to offering financial aid in the form of scholarships and bursaries to both current and future students.

Reminder: Scholarship quota is limited, always make sure you keep an eye out for the application deadline so you don’t miss your chance!

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In the meantime, have a look at the list of scholarships offered at UOW Malaysia below:

Scholarships at UOW Malaysia KDU

1. UOW Malaysia’s Driving Dreams Scholarship

Course coverage: All Pre-University, Foundation, Diploma, and Bachelor courses

Award amount: Up to 50% tuition waiver for the duration of the programme.

This scholarship is awarded to students who, during their secondary school education, have held leadership positions, participated in sports at a National level, or were awarded for special talents in Malaysia or internationally.

2. UOW Malaysia High Achiever Scholarship – Degree

Level: All Bachelor courses

Award amount: Up to RM8,000

This scholarship is based purely on the student’s academic performance in pre-university programmes including but not exclusive to STPM, Matriculation, AUSMAT/SACE, UEC, Foundation, Diploma, and other equivalent qualifications. Only actual results are accepted.

Do note that only students that are enrolled in the university will be eligible to apply for this financial aid and the awarded amount will be deducted from the total tuition fee from the following semester onward.

Scholarships that Require Interviews

The following two scholarships have stricter qualifying requirements and the student would be required to pass an interview segment before being considered for the scholarship. Click on the links to learn more, or contact us now!

1. Nursing Diploma Full Scholarship

If you are interested in developing a career in the healthcare industry, don’t miss out on this scholarship! This nursing scholarship entails the following as part of the financial aid package:

  • full tuition waiver
  • free accommodation
  • pocket money

The full details are available by clicking the link above!

2. Vice-Chancellor Scholarship

Level: All Degree courses

Key conditions:

  • Meet the minimum educational requirements.
  • Active in leading extracurricular activities.
  • Must be present for interview/assessment.

Amount: Students will receive up to a full fee waiver.

This scholarship is made available to UOW Malaysia KDU students who excel holistically, from academic excellence to leadership abilities that are able to positively impact the community. So if you have what it takes, click the link above to find out more!


1. Passion Award – Transfer/UEC/STPM

Level: All Diploma and Degree courses

Amount: Up to RM1,000

2. Hope Bursary

Level: All courses

Amount: Up to full tuition waiver is available for households with income below RM60,000 per annum.


For scholarships that do not cover the full tuition fee, it would be good for students who need extra financial aid to look into this PTPTN. The PTPTN system was established by the Malaysian government to provide loans to students who want to go to university but have insufficient funds.

Students can consider PTPTN loans to further ease the financial burden of further studies. PTPTN only charges a low-interest value of 1% and allows students to start repaying their loans after graduation.

The table summarizes the amount set by PTPTN for private universities:

Course LevelAnnual loan amount
Maximum amount (RM)75% (RM)50% (RM)
Diploma Program6,8005,1003,400
Diploma Programs (Pharmacy, Dentistry, Health Care)12,7509,5006,380
Bachelor’s Degree Program (Science)14,03010,5207,010
Bachelor’s Degree Program (Liberal Arts)13,60010,2006,800
Bachelor’s Degree Programs (Pharmacy, Dentistry, Health Care)17,00012,7508,500
Bachelor’s Degree Programme (Medicine)50,00037,50030,000

Note: PTPTN does not include pre-university and preparatory courses, except for selected courses and universities.

For more details on how to apply for a PTPTN loan, you may refer to our guide on PTPTN loans.

Wondering if you qualify for any of these scholarships? Register here and our team of counsellors will help you find what is suitable for you and even guide you in the scholarship application process!