Who Are The Teachers of SPM Masterclass?


Looking to improve your SPM results?

Let our super teachers help you at the upcoming SPM Masterclass!

You can expect our top teachers to cover past year exam analysis, answering techniques based on the exam scheme to maximise your marks and discussion of popular and challenging questions in SPM.

Majority of them are award winning teachers with titles of Guru Cemerlang and Tokoh Guru accorded to them.

They have a total combined experience of more than 130 years specialising in their subject matter and are actively involved in many high-level activities appointed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) such as training of teachers at district and state level, contributing to the development of the subject syllabus and providing hundreds of answering technique workshops and exam forecasting for thousands of students. 

Read on to get a glimpse of who these teachers are and how they can help you prepare for your SPM.



BM – Cikgu Lindar Nor

Cikgu Lindar has been teaching for 19 years and is a Guru Cemerlang.

She doesn’t just teach students, she also trains the teachers!

The MOE and other groups often work with Cikgu Lindar to provide workshops to students and teachers so that they may improve their understanding of the language.

Moreover, she is an author and panel head for SPM forecast questions.

Her techniques are simple to use and gives students that chance to score A in their SPM BM paper.

Watch her trial class here.



Biology – Mr Khor Er Vin

Mr Khor has been teaching for 10 years and each year he sees his students struggle with different topics.

This is especially true with the syllabus changing to include more topics in the SPM Biology papers.

Mr Khor has a set of techniques that he has shared in various seminars that can be used to improve a student’s Biology results.

Watch his trial class here.



English – Cikgu Adelina bt Addlan

Cikgu Adelina has taught for 25 years.

She sees students get too ambitious when it comes to the SPM English 1119 paper and end up losing marks because they run out of time or even leave certain questions blank intentionally.

Cikgu Ad used 6 years to perfect 2 techniques to help her students easily answer all the questions and improve their score.

Watch her trial class here.



Chemistry – Miss Lee Saw Im

Miss Lee has received multiple awards, from local and abroad, for her contributions to science education.

She’s been teaching Chemistry for over 30 years so she is well-versed in the SPM Chemistry exam format.

In fact, she is part of the panel that sets the Form 4 and 5 Chemistry curriculum!

Her special technique has been proven to help students achieve good results for their Chemistry papers.

Watch her trial class here.

Check out the teachers’ full profiles here



Sejarah – Cikgu Nurshashimah Binti Nawawi

Eleven years of teaching experience has given Cikgu Shima the tools she need to create the techniques to help students ace their SPM Sejarah papers.

Aside from teaching, she is also appointed by the Ministry of Education to train teachers within Selangor.

Cikgu Shima has developed a handful of answering techniques that her students have successfully used in past SPM exams.

Watch her trial class here.



Physics – Miss Winnie Lim

Miss Winnie might only have 10 years of teaching experience, but she has made a strong impact on her students in that time.

In the past 3 years, not only have all her students pass their Physics exams but over 70% of them managed to score an A in it!

Her former students credit her teaching style to their success, specifically the ease with which they recall formulas.

Watch her trial class here.



Maths – Mr Anson Lim

Mr Anson has taught Mathematics and Add Maths from SPM to A-Level for 17 years and regularly conducts workshops for students at schools across the country.

His classes are popular because he provides insights into the exam scheme and shares his analysis of the past exam trends with his students.

Watch his trial class here.



Prinsip Akaun – Cikgu Mohd Khairul bin Mohd Salleh

Cikgu Khairul has been teaching Prinsip Akaun for 17 years, with 12 years of experience as a state education department-appointed seminar speaker for schools in Kuala Lumpur.

His in-depth knowledge of the subject and its exam scheme are 2 reasons why his students are able to score good results every year.

Watch his trial class here.


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