Why Computing is the New Accounting

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Software and the internet infrastructure is so ingrained in our lives that choosing this career path is now considered ‘safe and secure’ as being an accountant but at the same time a lucrative path.

These are 4 reasons why you should consider computing studies.



1. High Demand, High Paying Career in Computing

As many of you will know, the field of computing is increasingly pervasive and its application becoming more integrated with our lives.

More women are entering this field of studies

Graduates easily earn an upwards of RM3,000 per month.

Those who start off with higher programming proficiency and some experience might even command RM4,000 per month.

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) can easily get paid RM 15,000 per month and above.



2. It Affects All Industries

Almost every industry is changing the way products and services are delivered because of digital transformation.

UOW KDU working on industry 4.0 policy

From banking to transportation, media and retail, all industries are being revolutionised by digital transformations. You can practically go into any industry.

The Malaysian government is leading the change with many new policies that support its Industry 4.0 policy and framework initiatives.



3. You Create New Value

Computing is no longer a support and administrative profession but is in the forefront of innovation and value creation of a new kind of product and service for society.

We have changed the way we connect with friends and family, to reading the news, ordering food and booking flights.

Businesses are also using digital tools and channels to reach out to their customers.



4. New Future Pathways

With the advent of artificial intelligence, IoT, big data analysis, cloud adoption and many more nascent but rapidly growing fields of computing, there will be many new jobs created.

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Some of the computing jobs of the future will be deep tech developers, robotics, IoT, information security analysts, computer systems analysts, data scientists and computer network architect which are exciting and highly in demand skills.



UOW Malaysia KDU Penang Computing Courses

Explore these popular courses and apply through Uni Enrol to check if you qualify for scholarships and bursaries.

Popular Courses


Diploma in Information Technology

Jan, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (3+0), with University of Lincoln, UK

Jan, Jun, Sep, Oct

Bachelor of Information Systems (3+0), with University of Lincoln, UK

Jan, Jun, Sep. Oct

Bachelor of Information Systems (Hons) (3+0), with University of Lincoln, UK

Jan, Jun, Sep. Oct

Note: SPM/O-Level students may take Foundation in Science to proceed to degree level or may go for diploma route directly.