Why Raffles College is Leading in Fashion Education

About The Institution

Raffles College of Higher Education is a leading institution in fashion education. It offers a wide range of courses for students interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry. In 2015, it was the global top #51-100 for Art & Design on the QS Ranking for Arts and Design.

Since 1990, Raffles has had a presence in 10 countries, spanning 

  • Malaysia, 
  • Singapore, 
  • Indonesia, 
  • China, 
  • India, 
  • Italy, 
  • Mongolia, 
  • Saudi Arabia, 
  • Thailand, and 
  • Switzerland.

Why Further Studies At Raffles?

Courses at this college commence in January, April, July and October to give its students a flexible tertiary education. With fashion design professionals as mentors, it boasts an employment rate of 98% and 12% of which go on to build entrepreneurial journeys.

The college’s fashion course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry while exploring the creative design process and its business aspects. Here, you will learn about the 

  • history of fashion, 
  • trends and forecasting, 
  • textiles and fabrics, and 
  • the technical aspects of garment construction. 

 During your tertiary education, your mentors will also teach you 

  • branding, 
  • marketing, and 
  • fashion production.
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One of the key features of the fashion course at Raffles is the emphasis on hands-on learning, where you will work on real-world projects. From designing and creating your collections, you can participate in fashion shows and other industry events. This practical experience is essential to apply what you have learned in the classroom to the real world.

In addition to hands-on learning, the academy also cultivates a solid theoretical foundation through historical, cultural, and scientific studies. This theoretical knowledge will help you understand the broader context in which fashion operates and be able to think critically about the industry.

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Another crucial aspect of the fashion courses at Raffles College is the opportunity for students to work with industry professionals. The college has strong ties with the fashion industry. Today, the academy has 153 industrial attachment partners. Thus, you can work with designers, stylists, and other industry professionals on your projects. These collaborations provide valuable real-world experience and networking opportunities to give your future career prospect a boost. You might even enter a design competition with the other growing 307 participants.

Moreover, the programmes are also highly flexible. Upon enrolment, there will be many specializations available for you to study, including 

  • fashion design, 
  • fashion marketing, and 
  • retail management. 

As such, the variety allows you to tailor your education to specific interests and career goals. 

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Raffles College’s Diploma in Fashion Design takes you through the entire fashion production. It will guide you every step of the way. From the design concepts and execution all the way through to the final product. To top it off, it layers them with business studies too.

On the other hand, a diploma in Fashion Marketing teaches you to apply skills in 

  • marketing, 
  • merchandising, 
  • publishing, 
  • PR, and 
  • creative direction for fashion brands and products. 

A diploma in Fashion Business dives deeper into how the fashion industry works. It investigates consumer-related areas, such as 

  • fashion buying, 
  • brand marketing and promotion, 
  • lifestyle and 
  • trend prediction.

Overall, Raffles College of Higher Education is a great option for you to begin your pursuit of a career in the fashion industry. The College’s fashion course provides an excellent blend of theoretical and practical practices. With that balance, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry and apply your knowledge to real-world projects. As the cherry on top, the College offers the chance to specialise in multiple areas. Regardless of your choice, your course will be highly flexible, filled with golden opportunities, and highly tailored to your interests and goals.

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