Why Study in Australia: Consider These 3 Cool Reasons

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Why study in Australia:
Did you know that despite having only a population of 23 million, Australia the 3rd most popular country for international students to study abroad?

More than just sandy beaches and outdoor adventures, Australia has seven of the top 100 universities in the world with an impressive record in teaching excellence and research.

That’s right. 

This breathtaking multicultural hotspot houses some of the world’s best educators and facilities. Australian universities offer local and international students a broad range of world-class study options. 

If you ever considered or plan to study in Australia but need more convincing, here are some reasons you can take into account:

Why Consider Studying at an Australian University?

1. Finding a Job to Earn Pocket Money is Easy!


International students with a study visa are eligible to work up to 40 hours every two weeks for the duration of their course and unlimited hours during semester breaks. 

Students who study in Australia can work as 

  • retail sales assistants, 
  • call centre staff, 
  • waiter or waitress in the food and beverage industry, 
  • and many more

The average income for students working part-time in Australia is around AUD16.87 per hour (RM51.22). As such, their wages can help pay for their cost of living and other expenses, like nights out with friends or short trips around the nation over their study breaks. 

Need a better picture? A monthly wage of AUD 674.80 is equivalent to 42 lunch meals at a nice restaurant! But that’s not all.

As an international student, when you apply for a Temporary Graduate visa, you can travel and stay in Australia within six months after graduating from an Australian university. 

This visa has two streams: Graduate Work Stream and Post-Study Work Stream. 

However, do remember to check the requirements to see if you are eligible for this visa.

If you have completed a Degree in 

  • Engineering, 
  • Accounting or 
  • Computer Science, 

Then, check out the Australian Professional Year Program.

It is a professional development programme that combines training and practical skills for graduated international students who wants to apply for permanent residency in Australia. The programme aims to increase the skills and employability of international graduates to address the shortage of skills in Australia’s ICT occupations. 

Again, there are programme requirements that you will need to fulfil, so make sure to check for your eligibility

Read this to find out what courses to study in Australia to take if you want to work there.

2. Explore Diversity and Experience the Oldest Living Culture in the World!

Why you should study in Australia

Do you know that Australia has a large population of international students? Every year, Australian universities welcome students from China, Malaysia, India and many more. As such, it will be a fantastic opportunity for you to mingle and connect with individuals from all walks of life to exchange different perspectives with one another. 

From January to June 2017, there were over half a million international students enrolled on an Australian university. During that time, 

A total of 25,396 Malaysian students have enrolled in Australian institutes for their tertiary studies.

Besides getting to know international students, Australia is rich in its own local culture. The original inhabitants of Australia, Aborigines, have settled in Australia for around 50,000 years. 

You can visit Ulur-Kata Tjuta National Park to learn about the spiritual significance of the rock and listen to ancient tales during your tour. 

You can also head to Coorong in South Australia for an outdoor kayaking adventure, and a Ngarrindjeri guide will regale you with a splash of local birdlife and traditional medicine. 

P.S If you love travelling as much as we do, then we suggest you visit Australia’s many attractive destinations. Among the places for travelling enthusiasts includes, 

  1. Melbourne (where you can go on a road trip along the Great Ocean Road to enjoy scenic views), 
  2. Sydney (where you can visit the iconic Sydney Opera House) or even the 
  3. Gold Coast (where you can enjoy beach activities and world-famous theme parks!).

While you are at it, go hunt for delicious local food that is not available in your country, such as Lamingtons, barbecued snags, grilled kangaroo and many more

3. You Can Study in One of the Most Internationally Renowned Australian Universities.

Australian universities are regularly featured in global rankings and have achieved worldwide recognition for offering a top-notch education to help students compete in the workforce. The national policy used in higher education for the learning outcomes, assessments, and pathways to regulate qualifications in Australian education and training is the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)

With the AQF as a guide, every academy can ensure that they meet the high standards to prepare its students for the harsh working environment.

Take a look at the top-ranking universities you can find to study abroad in Australia:

RMIT University

Location: Melbourne
Credentials: 14th highest ranking university in Australia
Course Highlights:

  • #1 Australian university for Art and Design & Fashion and Textiles programmes
  • Having been established since 1887, they are among the world’s top 100 universities in the world for Engineering, Accounting and Finance as well as Business and Management Studies


University of South Australia (UniSA)

Location: Adelaide
Credentials: Rated 8th in Australia for research excellence
Course Highlights:

  • World Top 100 in Architecture and Built Environment
  • UniSA now has over 32,000 students enrolled, including more than 5,700 international students from more than 140 countries.


Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Location: Brisbane
Credentials: 2nd in Australia in the Times Higher Education World Young University Rankings (2017)
Course Highlights:

  • To date, QUT has received 100 Australian awards for university teaching and spent more than $500 million on providing state-of-the-art facilities for maximum student engagement.
  • the #1 Australian University for Communication and Media Studies


Australian National University (ANU)

Image credit: http://acsg.org.au
Australian National University (ANU) campus

Location: Canberra
Credentials: #1 Australian university in QS World University Rankings 2023 
Course Highlights:

  • Flexible Double Degrees, where you can study two undergraduate Degrees at once and graduate with two qualifications
  • ANU received five stars (maximum rating) for student demand, research intensity, research grants, staff qualifications and graduate starting salary


University of Tasmania

Image credit: http://acsg.org.au
UTAS is one of the University of Study in Australia

Location: Tasmania
Credentials: Ranked top 300 universities in the world by the Academic Ranking of World Universities
Course Highlights:

  • Head of the nation in Geomatic Engineering Research, Fisheries Sciences, Journalism and Professional Writing
  • As Australia’s fourth oldest university and a student population of about 38,000, UTAS has more than 400 industry partnerships and collaborations in more than 117 nations around the world 


Want to know more?

While you continue planning to study abroad in Australia, come check out the information we have on top Australian universities, scholarships, and even how to prepare for your departure to Australia