Why You Should Choose Computer Science at UoSM

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Computer Science-related jobs are fast gaining popularity and there are no signs of it slowing down.

According to the Robert Half Technology’s 2021 IT salary report, the majority of the top in-demand tech jobs in 2021 require a Computer Science degree.

Data, information, systems, network, and cloud security professionals are the most sought after, followed by cloud architects, database administrators, and programmer analysts.

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Want to study Computer Science but don’t know how to choose a degree programme?

Here are 5 reasons why students looked to University of Southampton Malaysia (UoSM) for its Computer Science programme.



Its Excellence is Recognised

UoSM is among the handful of UK universities ranked in the top 100 of the QS World University Rankings for 2021.

In fact, it is the highest ranked UK branch university in Malaysia.

Its Computer Science programme is also well recognised, ranking 11th in the UK by The Complete University Guide 2021.



It Offers Multiple Ways to Complete Degree

UoSM offers foundation programme that fast-tracks students to a Computer Science degree, either at Malaysian or UK campus. 

Students who are looking to take up the degree programme at UoSM can opt for campus transfer.

You can study 3 years in Malaysia, or spend time and graduate in the UK (subject to UoS and UoSM approvals).

It is also noteworthy that, those who complete their programme at the UK campus will be able to enjoy the new Graduate Route policy and stay in the UK for 2 years to secure a job placement.



It’s an Affordable Option for a Top Degree

For students who opt to complete their entire degree in Malaysia, they will do so by paying just a fraction of the cost of their peers who choose to complete the programmes in the UK directly.

Students pay RM122,700 for a 3-year programme in Malaysia, whereas completing the same degree in the UK will cost them RM375,540.

Students save up to 65% on the same UK degree!

In addition to that, students can apply for up to 100% scholarships or PTPTN for their studies in Malaysia to cover the cost of their education.



The Computer Science Degree Offers Wide Employment Choices

LinkedIn’s Job on the Rise report on Southeast Asia shows that careers in digital services are projected to be among the fastest-growing this year.

The boom in e-commerce also created new opportunities for companies to reach out to consumers on the digital platform.

This growth bodes well for graduates looking to secure jobs as software engineer, app developer, web developer or systems analyst in a wide range of industries.

These jobs are no longer limited to tech companies, though they remain a significant part of the employment market.



Flexible Assessment to Complement Learning

In the first year, students can expect 54% of their final grade to come from written exams and 37% to come from coursework while the rest from practical exams.

Year 2 students will find their assessment split evenly between written exams and coursework.

In the final year, two-thirds of a student’s grades will come from coursework while the rest will be from written exams.

Though students will be expected to study independently, UoSM assigns each student with a tutor under the Personal Academic Tutor scheme to ensure that students get all the academic assistance they need.

As a university that has good relationships with industry leaders, UoSM also provides state-of-the-art facilities to help students learn better.

Its new campus will include world-class labs, spacious areas for learning and a large digital library for students to utilise.

The surrounding environment also will provide students with a comfortable living space to unwind and relax.

Interested? Come speak with our counsellors today and find out how you can kick start your Computer Science journey with UoSM.