Uni Enrol Student Guide

Learn how to plan and make the best choices for your education

Pathways After SPM

Find out what to do if you want to further your studies after SPM

Higher Education Options

To choose the right course, university and scholarship, you need to understand your choices. Check out the resources below to learn which education options are best for you.

Higher Education Choices – Why It Starts With You

Before you make choices, you need to know yourself in order to tailor the best education plan for your capabilities and aspirations.

Fees, PTPTN and Scholarships Explained

Understand how much you need to budget for different study options and which financial aids are applicable, e.g. scholarships and PTPTN.

Explore Careers, Choose Course

Find out what you should know before you choose your course, so that it is aligned with your interest, ability and career goals.

Determine Study Pathway

Learn which study pathway is best for you based on your current qualification, budget and preferences.

Shortlist and Choose University

Where you study makes a huge difference. Learn why and how to choose the right university or college.

Application and Admission

All the things to look out for to ensure a smooth application and enrolment to your private university or college of choice.


Ultimate Guide to Higher Education

Learn all about how to choose your higher education with this comprehensive guide

Study Abroad

Check out the guides about studying overseas

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