Top 10 Benefits Of Engaging A Higher Education Consultant

10 benefits of engaging a higher education consultant

If you are buying property, a real estate agent facilitates the transaction. If you have a legal predicament, you should consult a professional lawyer. If you want to manage your wealth, a financial advisor tailors recommendations based on your preferences and risk appetite.

So, for a big decision with significant financial commitment and career impact, like choosing the right university and course study, why not get professional advice from Higher Education Consultants?

Who Are Higher Education Consultants?

Higher education consultants specialise in providing higher education advice and guidance. They teach you how to shortlist the best universities and course options. Your list will be tailored to your eligibility, location, budget, social needs, and career aspirations.

There are consultants who also focus on overseas studies, commonly referred to as study abroad consultants. They facilitate additional services, such as visa applications.

In Malaysia, these professional experts go by different names, such as:

  • Education Advisors, 
  • Education Agents, 
  • Study Abroad Consultants, or 
  • University Enrolment Counsellors

10 Benefits When You Engage An Education Consultant


1. Convenience and Speed

  • Learning from scratch what you need to know about higher education, the different pathways, and requirements is a very time-consuming process. 
  • Talking to experienced education consultants who represent many universities can save you a lot of time and frustration. 
  • When you book a consultation session with Uni Enrol, we will get you up to speed with all you need to know in just 1-2 hours. On top of that, we value adding by assessing what options are suited to you based on learning your preferences.

2. Peace Of Mind

  • Knowing that a professional has got your back gives you peace of mind, as you know that you can always ask any question or clear your doubts with them.
  • We totally understand that FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling, especially when you are trying to do your own research without a person of authority to validate all your possible options. 
  • A trained education consultant will ensure that you know all the best study pathways you qualify for and any potential scholarships or savings you may miss out on.
  • Furthermore, consultations by Uni Enrol’s higher education consultants are absolutely free!

Want Peace Of Mind?

Uni Enrol has assisted thousands of students to secure placements at top colleges and universities along with partial and full scholarships. Let our friendly counsellors support your journey.

3. Avoid Any Biases And Uninformed Influence

  • From our experience, many students are quick to choose where or what they want to study solely based on following their friends. Or, they listen to the uninformed opinions of parents, siblings and relatives. This unfortunate trend may turn out well but for the most part, it ends up in regret.
  • However, be careful as there are higher education agencies that may provide biased advice due to the limited universities they represent or just poor consultation processes. 
  • Uni Enrol represents hundreds of reputable local and overseas universities. Our recommendations leverage our proprietary technology to produce an objective list of recommendations. We also combine the value of our consultants to guide you through the option comparison. As such you can expect consistency in output and services.

4. Handle All Your Paperwork And Submissions

  • A great benefit of having a partner by your side is to share the heavy-duty paperwork and another set of eyes to double-check submissions before they are processed.
  • For study abroad applications, you also need to gather other documents. These will include your visa application, health check and if you study in Australia, a 300-word personal statement. All of which are arranged and reviewed by a study abroad consultant.

5. Avoid Delays Due To Missing Or Wrong Submission

  • Following from Benefit No. 4, having a trained pair of eyes and a comprehensive checklist helps ensure you do not miss out on important information or documents. 
  • This is very crucial, especially for students who are planning to study abroad. Application deadlines for countries, like Australia and the United Kingdom are strict, and seats for top universities can be competitive too.
  • Any delays or even rejection can be time costly as the process of submission and processing needs to be restarted. At worst, you may have to start classes in the next intake cycle.

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6. Get Deeper Insights You Won’t Find Online

  • Education consultants work closely with all their university partners. They are provided with regular briefings about the latest developments, unique insights about various faculties, and even upcoming offers on course fees. Plus, this information may not be readily available on their websites.
  • Going through every university website and brochure can be a chore. Your education consultant is basically a walking Wikipedia you can immediately access basic and advanced information.

7. Formulate A Primary And Backup Plan For You

Higher Education Consultant Formulate Study Abroad Plans And Goals
  • You may have your dream study path towards a desired university. However, things may not always go according to plan.
  • In the case where you do not meet direct entry requirements into your chosen top universities, especially for more competitive overseas placements, a trained education consultant will know other pathways. They provide alternatives to reach your desired destination while meeting your preferences.
  • For example, if a student fails to fulfil the direct degree entry requirement into Australia’s University of New South Wales (UNSW), she can opt to take a Diploma at UNSW College instead and enter Year 2 of the degree.

8. Guidance On Fulfilling Prerequisite Tests And Other Preparations

  • Another invaluable advantage of having an education consultant is getting tips for certain prerequisite tests like IELTS for students who are preparing to study abroad.
  • Application for full scholarships also requires students to attend interviews. This is where your education consultant can give you pointers and help you prepare for frequently asked questions beforehand.
  • For your visa application to study in Australia, you are required to prepare your SoP about your intention and aspiration to study your chosen course. In this regard, Uni Enrol will help review and recommend improvements.

9. Direct Access To University Representatives

  • Getting hold of the right people through the general phone line or e-mail can be super frustrating.
  • Another unique advantage that only higher education consultants can provide is direct access to the relevant university representative. This is where they typically get instant feedback on your application status.
  • It is especially helpful when you have special circumstances that can only be answered or addressed by discussing it with the right person at the university.

10. Rigorous and Systematic Guidance Process

  • A trait of a good education consultancy is possessing an organized and systematic way of dispensing its consultation and services.
  • The guidance Uni Enrol consultants provide is borne out of a trial and tested rigorous methodology. Here, they focus heavily on how to help a student arrive at an informed and satisfactory decision.
  • Our goal is to maintain consistent and high-quality advice. Thus, we combine these 3 things in our practises:
    • Our platform technology (known as Pathway Match).
    • Our streamlined advisory operating procedures.
    • Our consultant’s depth of course and university knowledge.

Did we mention that Uni Enrol’s services are free?

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