7 Vital Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your Educational Consultant

7 Vital Things You Should Ask Before Choosing Your Educational Consultant

What Do You Do? Do You Charge Consultation Fees?
If you have a burning question to ask about university enrolment, you can

Not only do they supply crucial information, but educational consultants also direct you to the right choices. For that reason, you might want to be a bit picky about their qualities.

Here are 7 big boxes to check before you sign up for any offers with an educational consultant in Malaysia.

Q1. What Services Do You Provide? (Other Than Counselling Sessions)

find out what services your educational consultant has

Why? This is because not all consultants provide complete and comprehensive services. Take out your magnifying glasses; it is time to see what services your consultant provides. Even before everything else.

Some may specialise in a particular niche, such as consultation for studies in the United Kingdom, while others only represent universities that provide healthcare courses.

In general, an educational consultant manages all things related to university enrolment. They:

  • Make tailored recommendations using their comprehensive database.
  • Compare and contrast the recommendations given.
  • Guide you throughout the application process to not miss deadlines or essential steps.
  • Provides counselling and advice to help you effectively solve problems.

Meanwhile, a Study Abroad Consultant at Uni Enrol is in charge of other tasks too. They also:

  • Secure your visa.
  • Assist you in arranging your accommodations.
  • Guide you to obtain your health insurance.
  • Review your personal statement and more.

Hence, be clear about what they can do for you before investing your time in the process.

Q2. Where And How Many Students Have You Enrolled?
(University? Country?)

  1. How many students have they helped enrol?
  2. In which countries have they enrolled their students?
  3. Which reputable universities have they helped enrol at?

These components make up their track records and the credibility of their jobs. While we should not judge a book by its cover, having solid proof like this will ensure that you connect with the right people, especially during your first meeting.

Nevertheless, you cannot determine an educational consultant’s reliability just by numbers alone. Their training and experience matter too. Read on as we share how you can detect them.

Bonus: If your consultant is an alumnus, they will be able to share some first-hand experience with you.

Did You Know That?

Our hardworking counsellors have successfully secured over 1,000 placements.
Both locally and out of Malaysia!

do you have experience enrolling students in any specific countries

The question provides another clue to what your educational consultant focuses on. Moreover, this is important to know as each country has its own education system, application procedures, enrolment processes, visa requirements, and other compliances. Consultants who have experience in overseas placements also go by the title Study Abroad Consultants.

A Study Abroad Consultant has essential knowledge about another country’s education system. They can tell you about its

  • Course structure: fully exam-based, fully coursework-based, or a mix of both.
  • Grading system: the weight of exams versus assignments
  • Application process: what documents to prepare, how to apply, when to apply

When you meet your consultant, you can also ask them these questions.

  1. How many years of experience do you have enrolling students in country X?
  2. What is the full application process like for country X?
  3. What are some of the common pitfalls during the application process?

(Psst..if you are considering Australia or the UK as your destination, Uni Enrol has a team of amazing Study Abroad Consultants with vast experience.)

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Q4. Do You Charge Consultation Fees?

Study consultations are usually F.R.E.E and this is not a drill. If you are planning to further your studies, this is one of the questions to ask.

Why is the service free? Is there a catch?

Nope! An education consultant in Malaysia typically earns a fee from university partners when they help facilitate your enrolment.

So if you are asked to pay, be careful and clarify what the charges are.

That said, you do not need to pay a single dime at Uni Enrol! All you need is to connect with us. Through our platform, you will gain

  1. A detailed breakdown of your options (universities, courses, fees, scholarships)
  2. 1-on-1 counselling session with our friendly counsellors.
  3. A secure university and scholarship application.

We are able to enrol students in over 200 reputable colleges and universities in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the UK, and Ireland. Having so many options ensures our consultation remains objective.

Q5. Can I Speak To Your Past Students?

can I speak to some of your past students?

When you talk to an alumnus or a senior, they can tell you all the good and bad. They speak from their personal experience, making their answers both realistic and insightful. Moreover, personally hearing firsthand from the students themselves will bolster your confidence.

Whenever there is such an opportunity, we recommend that you ask your education consultant if you can speak to a student. It will be great to hear from someone who has recently received their services 6–12 months ago and has started classes at your desired university.

Alternatively, if the students, for whatever reason, prefer to maintain their privacy, there are other ways to acquire second-hand experience. Today, technology places the power of information within our grasp. A simple search on Google can tell you a lot of things about applying for a university course. You can

  1. Check the agency’s track record through their Google Reviews.
  2. Be an internet sleuth and find reviews on social media or online forums, such as Instagram or Xiao Hong Shu (小红书).
  3. Double- and triple-fact-check whether some of these reviews are of students who recently used the services of an education consultant. (Again, ask for confirmation.)

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Q6: What Do You Think About This Consultation?

journal your thoughts after meeting with your educational consultant

Your views before, during, and after your consultation can change. So, start exploring as an observer and get curious.

After your session, you can ask yourself:

  1. Was it helpful in improving your understanding of the application process?
  2. Was the session conducted systematically, or was it all over the place?
  3. Do they base their consultations on access to comprehensive and timely data?
  4. Are they able to show you various opportunities, such as multiple pathways and scholarships?
  5. Are you able to make an informed decision after the session?

Is something bugging you? Do you have a question to ask?
We will hear you out. Our counsellors will provide a safe space for you to ask questions.

Q7: Was Your Educational Consultant Helpful?

Was your educational consultant friendly? Did you get the answers to your questions? Maintaining a good relationship with them is important, as you will communicate with them throughout your application process.

Take a mental note if:

  • They overwhelmed you with unnecessary details.
  • They delivered the information and instructions clearly and concisely.
  • They added value beyond the information you can find online.
  • They were objective in their recommendation or seemed to be biased.
  • They listened to what you wanted or were insistent on their own personal advice.

If you have any doubts at all, do not hesitate to bring them up with your educational consultant!

Pro Tip:
Compare your consultant’s advice with your research to be on the same page as them.

At the end of the day,
The best feeling is to receive an offer letter from your dream uni. How does Uni Enrol do it?

  1. Our counsellors connect you directly with over 200 university partners.
  2. You get matched automatically with any scholarships you qualify for.
  3. Your application will only take 15 minutes.
  4. You can do it online. (Yes, anytime and anywhere, even at home.)

What If This Educational Consultant Isn’t The Right One?

If the first consultant you found did not work out, it is okay. By having the right questions to ask, you will find the help you need. The most important thing is to arm yourself with your own research before you commit to anything presented before you.

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