When UPU’s a No Go | Here’re 4 Other Easy Ways to Enrol

UPU offer

The UPU results release is always a source of anxiety for some students and parents. Will it be the course that you have chosen? Will you get an offer at all? No one will know until announcement day.

No matter the outcome, you can still decide on your higher education. Here are some options to consider when you do not get the UPU offer you wanted.

Scenario A: When Your UPU Course Offer is Not What You Wanted.

not your dream upu offer
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You were allowed to choose up to 12 courses at 

  • public universities, 
  • polytechnics, 
  • community colleges, and 
  • Institusi Latihan Kemahiran Awam.

However, you did not revise your UPU course selection within 6 days of receiving your SPM results. Now you realise your initial selection of 12 courses failed to meet their eligibility requirements.

In addition, after careful consideration and research, you realise that your interest is different from what you had applied for. And the result? 

Your UPU offer is for a course that is not in line with your plans.

What you can do:

Option A: Go with The Flow and Accept The Offer.

Accept the offer and do your best in the course, i.e., go with the flow.

This option is for those who have decided that a public university is the most suitable for them and do not want to consider other pathways. However, if the offered course is not what you want, move on to Option B.

Option B: Make Your Appeal Within 5 Days! (Don’t Wait!)

Appeal the offer within 5 days of the announcement of the UPU results. Do not wait!

You can select 2 courses as part of your appeal. Factors such as the number of spots available and your SPM results weigh on the outcome of your appeal.

This option has 2 outcomes: 

  1. You either get a new offer, or 
  2. You do not get a new offer. 

If this option still does not work out, your next step after that would be to either accept your offer or opt for private universities.

Option C: Look for Other Alternatives, i.e. Private Unis or Saluran Alternatif.

Opt for private universities that offer what you want. It will cost more, but there are many scholarships and financial aid programmes that you can consider to further your studies. It is suitable for those who have the necessary resources and grades to further their studies at private universities after their SPM.

Or, you can apply through the Saluran Alternatif Programme. We are happy to share that Uni Enrol is an official online enrollment partner with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)!

You can have a chat with our knowledgeable counsellors as they share more input about this stream! Moreover, we have personalised counselling sessions for more guidance too.

(If you need more information about UPU and Saluran Alternatif, we have this guide at the ready.)

Scenario B: When You Didn’t Get a UPU Offer at All.

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There might be several factors that resulted in you not getting an offer. Your application might not have been completed, or you may not meet the entry requirements for the courses that you selected.

If this is what you are facing, you have two options:

Option A: Make Your Appeal Within 5 Days! (Don’t Give Up!)

Appeal the offer within 5 days of the UPU results announcement. You could try applying for a different course or institution to increase your chances of getting a favourable result. However, your success still depends on the number of spots available and your SPM results.

This option is for those who only want to opt for public universities after their SPM. There are only 2 outcomes to this option: 

  1. You either get an offer, or 
  2. Your appeal is not successful.

Despite that, you do not need to give up on your university enrollment.

Option B: Go Private…Universities or College!

Next, you can enter private universities or colleges. There are many options available for you to get the best education based on your preferences and budget.

If you have the essential resources and grades to study at private universities, do consider listing this as a study plan.

What to do if Attending Public University is No Longer an Option?

public uni is a no go
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Now that you have reviewed your options and concluded that a public university is a no-go, what can you do next?

For one, you can seek other options for higher education at private institutions. Though private institutions cost more, many offer scholarships that cover 30% or more of the course fee while also accepting PTPTN loans. With this financial support, your monetary worries will be lifted off your shoulders.

(Get a clear PTPTN Guide here.)

Moreover, many courses also incorporate industrial partnerships to ensure their curriculum remains relevant to the industry’s needs. Meaning you will also get a taste of what your future career will be like.

Here are some pathways you can consider at private institutions:

Diploma courses

Diploma courses are a good option for those who are clear on what they want to study. Each module is carefully designed to include practical and theoretical knowledge to help you become career-ready.

This 2-year course is a popular choice for those who wish to enter the workforce early. It is also one of the more affordable alternatives because of its short course duration and specialised training.

Pre-university courses

You have flexibility since there are many choices available. They include foundation programmes and international pre-university courses, such as

  1. A-Level
  2. SACE International,
  3. Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT), and 
  4. Canadian Pre-University

The foundation is one of the most affordable pathways in this category. Within 1 year of your studies, you will gain essential knowledge to continue your education. On the other hand, international pre-university courses offer the most expansive path to degrees. They cover all the subjects you need to embark on your degree.

Despite that, both pathways are solid bridges to your tertiary education.

How We Can Help

Through our online tool, Pathway Match, you will be able to get matched with courses and scholarships from more than 100 universities. You will instantly find out which pathways match your preferences. In addition, you get to explore the scholarships and financial aid that can help you lower the cost of your education.

Above all, you will also get to enjoy free counselling and hassle-free registration when you go through our Uni Enrol application portal!

In Summary

Education is an open door. While you may not bag your dream UPU offer, you can keep walking towards your goal. Fresh out of high school, you have opportunities around you.

Other than UPU, other education alternatives can bring you closer to your desired career. Just keep exploring!

  • If you are unclear about the Matriculation programme, check out our article on what you should know about the programme.
  • If you need more after-SPM options, read this guide to help you formulate your study plan!