Study Psychology in Malaysia: What Are Your Options? 


Want to study psychology in Malaysia? Psychology gives you insight on how the human mind works. 

When you study psychology, you also get a glimpse into the root cause and effect of psychological disorders in humans. 

Perhaps you are curious to know how infants grow and develop into adults. 

No matter your curiosity, you can find answers to them through psychology. 

Come discover about psychology, the education pathways for it in Malaysia, and the career you can choose with this degree.




What is Psychology?

Psychology is known as the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. 

This includes the study of both conscious and unconscious events experienced by humans such as feelings, thoughts and actions. 

This field is diverse and bridges the gap between both natural and social science. 

The study of Psychology can be applied to almost every aspect of life such as human development (child/developmental psychology), mental health (clinical psychology), sports (sports psychology), social learning (social psychology) and many more.  




Why Should You Study Psychology?

study psychology in malaysia


Incredible career prospects

As a psychology graduate, there is an abundance of professional options for you to pursue. 

Although many graduates go into psychology-related roles such as clinical psychologists, counsellors and more, you may opt to go into sports, education, forensics and law industries. 

You can even pursue career options such as a detective, human resource manager, neuroscientist, career advisors, educational consultants and many more. 


Helps you understand yourself and others

The study of psychology examines people’s motivations, behaviours, and thought processes to help you understand why people act in the ways that they do. 

Once you’ve grasped a deeper perspective on human behaviour, it will also help you understand yourself and your actions better. 

As an added bonus, many students see an improvement in their communication skills as they explore further into the study of psychology.

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Create an impact on society

Part of a psychologist’s job is to help people solve their problems.

Through active listening and critical thinking, psychologists are able to identify the problem and offer a sustainable solution for their patients.

Students who choose to study psychology genuinely care about others’ welfare and want to bring about meaningful change for them.




What are the Fields in Psychology?

There are many branches of psychology, and each branch focuses on different aspects of human thought and behaviour. 


Cognitive psychology 

Studying how the human brain thinks, remembers and learns – essentially how we make decisions and perceive the world around us. 


Environmental psychology 

Studying psychological science to improve the interactions of people with the world around us. 


Clinical psychology 

Studying how psychology integrates with the treatment of complex human problems. 


Counselling psychology 

Focuses on facilitating personal and interpersonal functioning despite life events. 


Developmental psychology

Studying how people grow and adapt over the course of life. 

Example: how infants grow into children, teenages and finally adults


Forensic psychology 

Studying psychological science to support the judicial and other organisations related to public safety.  


Health psychology 

Studying the science of psychology in promoting health, preventing illnesses and improving healthcare. 


Industrial/organisational psychology 

Studying human behaviours in organisations and the workplace. 


Social psychology 

Studying how we perceive ourselves in relation to the world and how this perception affects our choices, behaviours, and beliefs. 


Sports psychology

Studying human behaviour and abilities in sports, exercise and performance. 




What is the Pathway to Become a Psychologist in Malaysia? 


Upon completion of SPM or the equivalent, students will generally opt for a pre-university (e.g. A-Level, STPM) or a Foundation in Science/Arts course. 

This will typically take 1 – 2 years depending on the selected programme.

Alternatively, students may also opt for a Diploma in Psychology that takes between 2- 2.5 years which would allow them to directly enter the workforce into Year 2 of a Degree in Psychology. 

Subsequently, students can enrol in a certified Bachelor of Psychology programme which takes 3 years to complete. 

So what does your pathway look like?


Study Psychology In Malaysia: Diploma in Psychology

To qualify for a diploma course, you only need to have 3 credits in SPM/O-Level, including Mathematics and Science with a pass in English.

Diploma courses usually take between 2 to 2.5 years to complete and cost from RM 20,000.

You can enter the workforce immediately after graduation.


Study Psychology In Malaysia: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

For degree courses, you will need to have 5 credits in SPM/O-Level qualification, including Mathematics and Science with a pass in English, and the following pre-university course:

  • STPM: min. 2Cs
  • A-Level: min. 2Es
  • AUSMAT/SACE: min. ATAR 65 
  • CIMP: min. average of 65% 
  • Relevant Foundation: min. CGPA of 2.00
  • Relevant Diploma: min. CGPA of 2.00

A pre-university course can take up to 2 years to complete and cost from RM 10,000.

Once you’ve completed your pre-university course, you can then move on to the degree course.

Degree courses take 3 years to complete and cost from RM 65,000.

Diploma students who want to continue their studies can do so with a degree course and they begin in Year 2.

Upon graduation, you may enter the workforce for various roles indirectly related to psychology such as educational consultant, human resource executive, market research analyst, advertising and media executive. 

However, if your ultimate goal is to become a qualified psychologist, you’ll need to enrol into a Masters programme in your preferred specialisation. 

This will generally take 1-2 years to complete and costs from RM 12,000.

Do keep in mind that many universities also require an English Language test (IELTS, MUET or TOEFL) to enrol you into the program. 




What are the Skills Required in Psychology

To succeed in a career in psychology, here are some basic soft skills that is recommended to have: 

Active listening: Being an active listener is crucial in psychology since it will help you analyse the person you are trying to help and come up with a solution that is applicable to them. 

Communication: Having the ability to convey your compassion through verbal and non-verbal communication is crucial when you might have to address sensitive issues with individuals.

Problem-solving and critical thinking: Critical thinking skills alongside analytical thinking can help you interpret information to develop the best approach to solving problems for individuals. 




Study Psychology In Malaysia: Top Universities In The Country


University of Nottingham Malaysia 

University of Nottingham is ranked 103rd in the QS World University Ranking, catering to 5,500 students from 85 countries within 18 departments. 

The BSc Psychology and BSc Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience programmes were the first ones at any university outside of the UK to be fully accredited by the British Psychological Society

Psychology courses offered: 

  • Psychology BSc (Hons)
  • Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience BSc (Hons) 
  • MPhil Organisational and Applied Psychology – Research opportunities
  • Management Psychology MSc 
  • Psychology programmes MPhil


HELP University & Colleges

HELP is the first university to start a Centre for Psychology in Malaysia and has more than 1,000 full time undergraduate students, making HELP one of Southeast Asia’s largest Psychology schools.

It has a research mentorship programme for Psychology undergrad students to work on research and consulting projects

Psychology courses offered:  

  • Foundation in Arts (Psychology) 
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) 
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) (4+0) with Flinders University, Australia


SEGi University & Colleges 

Up to 85% of SEGi graduates are employed within 6 months.

It is the first Malaysian university that earned 5 stars for prioritising society’s needs in Malaysia by offering a wide range of scholarships.

Psychology courses offered: 

  • Foundation in Arts (Psychology) 
  • Diploma in Psychology 
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Global General Business Minor) (4+0) with Troy University, USA 
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Communication Studies Minor) (4+0) with Troy University, USA
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) 
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology (3+0) with University of Greenwich, UK 



Things You Need to Know About Study Psychology in Malaysia 

Here are a couple of key factors to keep in mind regarding a career in Psychology in Malaysia: 


You need to obtain a Master’s degree to become a psychologist 

In Malaysia, to become a psychologist, you will need to obtain a Masters degree in your specialised field of choice. 

As an example, to become a clinical psychologist, you will need to take up a Masters in Clinical Psychology before going into the workforce. 

Due to course entry requirements, many psychology graduates spend a year or more getting work experience before embarking on postgraduate study.


A degree in Psychology opens up job opportunities in various fields 

Did you know that a psychology degree is a great starting point for a career in both science and the arts? 

Psychology is an extraordinarily diverse field with hundreds of career paths. 

This is because it equips you with a range of skills and opens up opportunities with a range of employers such as high schools, healthcare clinics, rehabilitation centres, hospitals and many more. 




Study Psychology In Malaysia: Popular Psychology-Related Jobs

Upon graduation with a bachelor’s degree, here are some career opportunities for you explore that are indirectly related to psychology: 

  • Educational consultant 
  • Career counsellor
  • Human resource manager 
  • Recruitment associate 
  • Market research analyst
  • Advertising executive 

However, if you are interested in pursuing a career that is directly related to psychology – remember that you will need to obtain a master’s degree in a specialised field of psychology. 

After getting your postgraduate qualification in psychology, you can explore the following:

  • Clinical psychologist 
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Therapist 
  • Sports psychologist
  • School psychologists 
  • Mental health therapists 
  • Researcher

According to Payscale, a psychologist’s starting salary is an average of RM 31,800 a year.

However, do keep in mind that this is just a rough estimation and your actual salary will be determined based on your experience, field, employer and other factors. 

Interested in learning more about your future career in Psychology? 

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