What Can You Do With a Computer Science Degree?

jobs for computer science degree

Technology is advancing faster than ever today, and more companies are increasing its demand for employees with a wide range of Computer Science degrees and knowledge to help them meet the needs of the consumer.

Some of those companies include financial organisations, management consultancy firms, software houses, communications companies, data warehouses, multinational companies, governmental agencies, universities, and health care facilities.

However, most graduates prefer to go into computer science-related roles in a multitude of industries.

At the best universities in Malaysia for Computer Science degree programmes, you’ll build your foundation of technical and non-technical skills that are highly sought after by employers.

Below are 5 jobs you can consider with a Computer Science degree after graduating from a university in Malaysia.



Software Application Developer


software developer with computer science degree

Today, everything we do on a computer is powered by software — from emails to social media.

Software developers are the ones responsible for creating, testing, and modifying these computer software.

They get everything done — from the user interface to the back-end and ensures that the software performs the way it is programmed.

Most software developers work with a team of other developers and are supervised by a project manager.

It is often a complicated task to get the software to operate according to its intended use.

As a software application developer, you can also specialise in areas such as quality assurance, where your job is to focus on testing software for issues, documenting the problems, and assisting in fixing the issues.



Computer Systems Analyst

computer system analyst with a computer science degree

The roles of computer systems analysts are versatile.

But, at a high level, they’re responsible for merging business needs with IT initiatives.

With their expertise, they analyse, improve, and plan IT systems to meet the specifications required for business processes.

They spend an ample amount of time meeting with the business side of an organisation to gather information about the needs of the organisation.

With the information, they answer questions like: how will this system be used?

Will this need to work at a larger scale in the future? Will this need to connect with other systems?

As soon as the specifications are determined, computer systems analysts will work with the technical teams to develop plans to build the necessary system.



Cybersecurity Specialist (or Consultant)

cyber security specialist with a computer science degree

Maintaining cybersecurity has become very important.

In this job, a cybersecurity specialist focuses on understanding the risks to the security of information or data in an organisation.

You’ll be responsible for analysing where security breaches are likely to occur or have occurred, and restore or strengthen the systems against such breaches, to ensure that data is protected.

The role of cybersecurity specialists includes ethical hacking, or deliberately attempting to hack into the organisation’s network to expose any flaw.

You could also work as a computer forensics analyst, consultant or investigator to help fight the increasing number of cybercrime.



Machine Learning Engineer

machine learning engineer with a computer science degree

As a Machine Learning engineer, your job is to build and use Machine Learning systems that can automatically learn and improve on their own.

Machine Learning engineers are well versed in data structures and algorithms, how to build neural networks and structure machine learning projects, and probabilistic graphical models.

There are a number of universities in Selangor that offer a Computer Science degree with specialisation in Machine Learning.  

These courses provide you with the foundational coding skills that are crucial for success.

The number of Machine Learning jobs continues to increase every year as Machine Learning skill set are needed in more industries than ever.



Database Administrator

database administrator with a computer science degree

As a database administrator, you are responsible for accurately and securely using, developing, and maintaining the performance, integrity, and security of a computerised database.

The primary role of the database administrator is to ensure that data remains consistent, clearly defined, easily accessible, is secure, and can be recovered in case of an emergency.

The database administrator also works with programmers, operational staff, and technical staff.

They provide user training, support, and feedback, write reports, documentation, and operating manuals.

These and more are what you can do with a degree in Computer Science.

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