Top Diploma Courses to Study in Malaysia And How To Choose One

top diploma courses in Malaysia

Diploma courses are versatile and are one of the quickest pathways students can consider after their SPM, IGCSE, and UEC. They cover specific areas, such as Accounting, Communication, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Culinary Arts, and many more. In the past 3 years, over 1000 students have applied online through Uni Enrol to study diploma courses here.

Upon completion, students can also continue with a related degree course after that if they wish. Instead of starting afresh, diploma students would enter the degree course in the second year. Alternatively, they can choose to start work through internships too.

If you are looking into what diploma to study in Malaysia, we have prepared several for you.

1. Diploma in Business

On the top are business-related diploma courses. with over 22% of our students chose to study

For those looking to venture into business studies, business administration, business information systems, marketing, and entrepreneurship are all popular courses at Malaysian universities.

Business diploma courses are one of the most popular in Malaysia, as they offer students a quick path to a wide range of careers after completing their secondary school education.

2. Diploma in Computing and IT

The second most popular choice among our students is the IT field. 19% of our students chose to study IT, ICT, Computer Science, Business Information System, or Computer Studies.

Most of the IT diploma courses take 2 years, with some requiring up to 3 years of study.

3. Diploma in Allied Health Sciences

Over 13% of our students pursued a diploma in health sciences, most notably a diploma in nursing. Why is that?

Due to the global shortage of health care workers, nursing diploma courses are in demand in Malaysia. Here, they offer students a pathway to a highly in-demand career. In addition, students also have the chance to secure a full scholarship for their studies.

The courses are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in nursing theory and practise. You will learn to provide care for patients with a variety of illnesses and conditions and also learn to provide care for patients in a variety of settings.

Other health science courses that our students have enrolled into are

  • diploma in pharmacy,
  • diploma in physiotherapy and
  • diploma in medical lab technology.
further study in the science field?

4. Diploma in Communication and Media

Communication and media-related courses captured nearly 15% of our students’ attention. They pursued courses like, Communication, Multimedia Animation and Graphic Design.

Within the group, many students prefer to hone their practical skills and creative skills in this field of study.

5. Diploma in Education

Over 7% of our diploma students ventured into the field of education. Nearly everyone chose to further study Early Childhood Education, which takes 2.5 years to complete.

6. Diploma in Hospitality and Services

Almost 6% of our diploma course applications go to this field. 60% of these applicants are studying a Diploma in Culinary Arts (60%).

Other popular diploma courses are Hotel Management and Hospitality Management.

7. Diploma in Accounting and Finance

According to our database, 5% of our diploma students are venturing into the accounting and finance fields. Most of them selected Diploma in Accounting to further study, with only one fifth studying Diploma in Finance.

Even with its popularity, many students would pursue a foundation or pre-university course before entering an accounting or finance degree.

lshould i pick this diploma to study in malaysia

8. Diploma in Architecture and Built Environment

Join the other 5% of our students in this field! They mostly enter the Diploma in Interior Design or the Diploma in Architecture.

9. Diploma in Psychology and Languages

With over 2% of enrolments, the most notable picks for this field are Psychology or Chinese Studies.

10. Diploma in Engineering

If you are interested in pursuing a career in engineering, there are plenty of great courses to choose from, including civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

These engineering diploma courses take between 2.5 to 3 years to complete.

However, just 1.5% of our diploma students chose this field as it is not a preferred pathway to engineering degree. 

How To Choose Your Diploma To Further Study

how do I choose what to study

Depending on the priorities of the diploma students, some students may choose to study a diploma

  • with lower course fees in an established institution first, before progressing to study degree in a different university.
  • with cheaper cost in hometown or nearby states first, before progressing to degree in a different university
  • in a high-ranking university or college first, for smoother progression to degree in the same/other top universities.
  • in a specialised college that focuses on the field he/she is pursuing.

In the following list, we have gathered 10 most popular private universities and colleges for your further study. They are based on the choices made by our diploma students who have applied online through Uni Enrol.

Where To Study Diploma Courses In Malaysia

Malaysia offers high-quality and affordable education, making it a magnet for students from all over the world. These private universities have been the main driver of the growth of diploma courses in Malaysia due to its increasing reputation for quality. How do they do it?

Universities and colleges often work together with industry experts to review their curricula. Furthermore, they open more internship opportunities and industrial partnerships to further improve employability.

If you are looking for a diploma course with high career demand, here are 4 universities for you to study in Malaysia.

1. Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

APU as one of the universities in malaysia

APU is recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education as one of the Highest Rated Emerging Universities in Malaysia. As you step through its doors, you can enjoy good facilities, practical learning, and the chance to participate in industrial projects.

Furthermore, it also received the Premier Digital Tech University status from the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). This means that its courses are highly reputable among the IT industry too!

What to study at APU? One of these diploma courses may just be for you.

2. HELP University & Colleges

HELP as one of the universities in malaysia

HELP’s educational goals have been to prepare students for fulfilling and productive lives. This reputable university implements practical learning that boosts independence and critical thinking.

Furthermore, its syllabus are carefully curated by industry experts to develop sustainability in your education.

While Psychology and Business are the top-picks, here are other diplomas that are worth exploring.

3. Multimedia University (MMU)

MMU as one of the universities in malaysia

MMU has produced highly skilled graduates needed by the digital economy, both locally and globally. Their advanced facilities and well-rounded education build their students’ employability. As such, many major ICT companies have listed it as one of their top 5 preferred universities for employment.

It has 2 campuses across the nation, one in Cyberjaya and another in Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

What does this 5-Star recipient have in store for future diploma students to further study? Read on to find out.

4. International Medical University (IMU)

IMU as one of the universities in malaysia

IMU is Malaysia’s first and most established private medical and health sciences university. It has dedicated 30 years to giving its students the best healthcare facilities and curriculum to further study.

To date, the renowned university has produced over 5,000 alumni who are currently working as doctors and specialists. Moreover, there are 3,000 others serving as pharmacists in Malaysia and around the world.

So, if you are wondering where to study healthcare-related courses, add IMU to your list and see. It has 2 campuses across the country: one in Subang Jaya, Selangor, and another in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. 

For your diploma studies, take a look at IMU’s Diploma in Nursing.

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