What You Should Know Before Taking A-levels


Interested in entering globally recognised universities locally or abroad? Then, A-levels are one of the most renowned pre-university courses after SPM/IGCSE that you should consider!

A-level students can use their qualifications for their education in 78 countries. There are more scholarships recognising high achievers from this course compared to other pathways, like Foundation, matriculation, and other international pre-university programmes.

If your high school education just ended, this guide will tell you what this course is, how to plan for itwhere to enrol, and the available scholarships.

What is Uni Enrol?

Uni Enrol is an online platform that makes higher education more affordable and accessible. Along with our experienced counsellors, we will guide you to scholarships, exclusive deals, and courses.

What Is It?

The A-Levels is a pre-university programme that prepares you for your future degree. Its 100% exam-based system gives you an objective measure of your knowledge as a student

This highly recognised course comprises the AS (Advanced Subsidiary) level, where you will learn the basics of your chosen subjects, and the A2 level, where you’ll study your chosen subjects in greater depth. Your AS exam is taken at the end of your first semester, while the A2 exam takes place at the end of your second semester. Each exam counts towards 50% of your final grade. 

So, unlike the SPM, you get a chance to improve your grades in between semesters.

Edexcel vs. Cambridge A-Levels

There are two variations of this programme: Edexcel and Cambridge.

The Cambridge variation is available across local universities. However, you can only find Edexcel at HELP University & College and Sunway College.

Even so, both certifications received recognition from global bodies.

What Are The Perks Of Taking A-levels?

Highly credited and well-rounded, A-levels have many charm points to love.

You will like it if:

  1. You want access to top universities around the world. Even prestigious universities like Oxford, Harvard, and Imperial College London, welcome students with this certificate.
  2. Get more time to explore your potential degree choices. The longer duration of the course is helpful if you want more time to decide on committing to a degree or a university. It has Facilitating Subjects that will equip you with all the necessary basics that are highly applicable in any route.
  3. You prefer to focus on specific related topics. Unlike the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, A-levels only require you to take 3-5 subjects, which you can give your full attention to.

What Is My A-Level Pathway?

A-level entry requirements are not very demanding. Aspiring students will need 5 SPM Credits (including a pass in Bahasa Malaysia, Sejarah and English). If you are a Science student, you need to earn all Cs in the subjects you are interested in. For example, a student who wishes to take Physics must have a C in their SPM Physics.


Plan your pathway by choosing 3 or 4 subjects relevant to your future degree. For better management, focus on the 3 subjects you are confident and comfortable with. Study extra modules only when you are comfortable with your progress.

Still unsure which subjects would benefit your future degree? You can refer to this hand graphic while you select your course.

Uni Enrol helps students understand their passion and interests to help them choose an education pathway.

Pathway-planning pro tips:

  • Consult your counsellor or someone with more experience. Discuss and plan your curriculum with someone you trust to be better prepared.
  •  Pick maths. Most degree courses need maths as a subject to analyze data and conduct research studies.
  •  Science students can change to Business and Art-related degree programmes. However, an entrance exam is a possibility for your university placement.

The A-level programme is offered in many local institutions. To help ease your decision-making, check out our list of popular colleges that offer the programme. We have also included links to these courses so that you can easily compare them on our site.

Also, take note of intake dates that fit your schedule the best. That way, you take a break, work part-time or get a headstart in college.  

Taylor’s University

Tuition Fees: RM32,900 to RM43,700

Intakes: January, March, August

HELP University & Colleges

Tuition Fees: RM32,300 to RM41,300

Intakes: January, March, July

Sunway University

Tuition Fees: RM35,800 to RM46,300

Intakes: January, March, July and September

INTI Colleges & Universities

Tuition Fees: RM20,100 to RM40,400

Intakes: January, July

Brickfields Asia College (BAC)

Tuition Fees: RM19,000 to RM33,000

Intakes: January, April, June, September

Other FAQs To Think About

To Dive Deeper Or Venture Into New Fields?

In Malaysia, a platter of A-level modules awaits you. You can choose to go more in-depth with familiar high school modules (like Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Accounting, and Economics) or be adventurous with new topics, such as

  • English Literature
  • Law
  • Sociology
  • Computer Science
  • Psychology

Save Money On Your education With Scholarships

Most private universities offer a range of scholarships depending on your SPM results. While it is common for scholarships to evaluate your education performance, not all of them require 9As or 8As to qualify. Use Pathway Match to check for scholarships and exclusive deals that you are eligible for and explore more A-level programmes.

Does It Align With What You Are Seeking?

Regardless of your choice, always align them with your strengths, skills, preferences, needs and goals. Put the information you have gotten about A-levels and about yourself side-by-side. You can even do this with a peer, family member, or counsellor.

  • What learning style fits me best?
  • Are the learning outcomes and my goals aligned?
  • If not, why not, and what do I do?
  • If yes, how can I achieve my academic goals?

Do not jump on the bandwagon without considering your present needs. Take your time to explore and filter out your options. Even if you are unsure, Uni Enrol and your loved ones will have your back.