5 Reason to Choose De Montfort University’s Award-Winning Career Support Services

About De Montfort University

De Montfort University (DMU) is a popular destination for students seeking a high-quality education in a diverse and inclusive environment. Since its establishment, DMU is home to 24,044 students, 1,256 staff AND 8,768 international students! This UK university is known for its strong emphasis on employability and real-world experience. In a short period, DMU becomes the top 3 among other UK unis for its teaching excellence while becoming the top UK uni in the Times Higher Education (THE) Rankings for graduate employability.

These characteristics set it apart from other institutions and attract a wide range of students from different backgrounds and cultures. As such, DMU received 5 QS Stars and made it to the top 1.5% of global universities for international impact on the 2016-2017 THE Education World University list.

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Why Choose De Montfort?

One of the main reasons students choose DMU, including those who wish to study abroad after SPM, is its reputation for academic excellence. The university offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses across multiple disciplines. Its most popular fields of study, especially among international students, include 

  • Architecture, 
  • Computer Science, 
  • Cyber Security, 
  • Economics, 
  • Education Studies, 
  • Fashion Studies, 
  • Forensic Science, 
  • Finance & Investment, 
  • Game Production, Politics & International Relations, 
  • Law, 
  • Mechanical Engineering, and 
  • Media and Communication. 
If you are having trouble picking a course for yourself, you can start with this article.

Another key factor that draws students to DMU is its focus on employability. The institution boasts its award-winning careers support service where students benefit from DMU’s following commitments:

  1. Guaranteed work experience opportunities for all students.
  2. Providing internship placement and employability mentorships at renowned companies, like
    • ASOS, 
    • Disney, 
    • HSBC, 
    • KPMG, 
    • L’Oréal, 
    • Microsoft, 
    • NHS, 
    • Pfizer and 
    • Rolls-Royce.
  3. Unlimited access to digital tools through the DMU Works Skills Hub, including
    • LinkedIn Learning courses, practice interviews, 
    • self-assessments, and 
    • personalised CV feedback.
  4. Opportunities to work on live industry briefs and showcases, such as
    • Graduate Fashion Week, 
    • Congress to Campus, and 
    • The International Formula Student competition at Silverstone race track, to name a few.
  5. Academic staff, guest speakers and lectures from inspiring industry leaders sharing their real-world experiences.
  6. Lifelong career support and networking opportunities for all DMU graduates.

DMU introduced a new course structure known as Education 2030. This course structure focuses on a ‘block’ teaching format, where students study one subject at a time instead of several at once. Thus, you will have more time to engage with learning and receive faster feedback through regular assessments. As a result, it cultivates a better study-life balance to enjoy other essential aspects of university life, and it has an approval rate of more than 90% from students of this cohort.

Moreover, DMU is also known for its inclusive and diverse environment. The university is committed to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all students, regardless of their background or personal circumstances. When you study in the UK, you can reach out to various support services on campus, such as counselling services, mental health support, as well as dedicated assistants for students with disabilities and those from underrepresented groups.

Another attraction of studying at DMU is its exciting location. The colourful Leicester City is a vibrant and diverse place with a rich cultural heritage and attractions. Here, many shops, restaurants, and entertainment options line across the streets, waiting to be found. If you plan to study abroad after SPM, this place will give you a balance between academic and social opportunities.

In conclusion, DMU’s reputation for academic excellence, focus on employability, and inclusive culture make it an ideal place for students to study. It develops the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your chosen careers.