Education Pathway to Engineering – Turning Ideas Into Innovation

Engineering pathway

Where we are today having the comfort and convenience such as mobile phones, aeroplanes, elevators, and washing machines is all thanks to innovative engineers.

Becoming a skilled engineer enables you to invent and create amazing things. Think Tesla, NASA, Apple, Samsung, Dyson, General Electric and many more.

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What is Engineering?

Engineering allows you to solve problems and create things using math and science.

Engineering is the application of science and math to solve problems or create new things that add value to society.

If you can think it, you can create it!

But don’t just take it from a bunch of text.

Watch this to understand how engineering affect your life!


Why Consider Engineering?

Engineering offers a career pathway that is personally fulfilling and financially rewarding.

1. There will always be problems to solve, improvements to make and new things to learn, and therefore a rewarding career pathway is there.

2. An engineer’s salary can be lucrative especially in high-demand industries.

3. Skills and knowledge you learn can be applied globally.

4. Engineering can be a fulfilling career especially when you fit into these traits required to be a successful engineer.

  • Curiosity to understand how things work
  • Motivated to solve complex problems
  • Constantly looking for ways to improve
  • Interest to design and create new things
  • Love to be creative but think critically
  • Huge love for math and science
  • Strong perseverance and thrive under pressure

Here are more reasons why engineering is so exciting!


Fields of Engineering

Engineering touches almost every industry as it is all about deep skills and knowledge needed to solve different problems faced by different industries.

Mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineering are popular engineering specialisations.

Uni Enrol can help you find an engineering specialisation that fits your interests and passion.

Most universities if you notice offers studies in the four popular engineering areas above as they are the foundation to other specialisations you may learn in companies you join.

Mechanical and electronic & electronic are two of the more popular engineering studies as you learn the fundamentals of creating electronic devices and machines that are used in our everyday lives and many industries.

There are also universities that offer specialised engineering courses such as mechatronic, aerospace, automotive, and petroleum engineering.

This video further explains these exciting branches of engineering.


What Does Your Pathway Look Like?

Below are the typical pathways to getting your engineering degree.

A typical engineering pathway can take around 5.5 years if you choose to study a degree.


BEng VS MEng: What’s the Difference?

Study an extra year to get a Master of Engineering qualification which has more benefits than a Bachelor of Engineering qualification.

Based on the comparison, it is generally advisable that students obtain a MEng qualification by just extending one more year of studies.


Minimum Requirements for an Engineering Degree

To enrol in a degree programme in a Malaysian university, you will generally need:

Qualification Minimum Requirement
STPM 2Cs, including Mathematics and Physics
A-Level 2Cs, including Mathematics and Physics
UEC 6Bs, including Mathematics and Physics
SACE/AUSMAT ATAR of 65 inclusive of minimum scores of 60% in Mathematics and Physics
Foundation CGPA 3.0
Diploma CGPA 3.0

Do note different universities have varying requirements.


Which Private Universities Offer Engineering Courses?

1. Taylor’s University

Taylor's University

Available courses: 

Estimated tuition fees per year:

  • RM24,000 (Foundation)
  • RM33,000 (Degree)

Check out how Taylor’s help you prepare for a career after graduation.

2. INTI International University & Colleges

INTI International University & Colleges

Available courses

Estimated tuition fees per year:

  • RM18,000 (Foundation)
  • RM20,000 (Degree)
  • RM16,000 (Diploma)


3. UOW Malaysia KDU

KDU University College

Available courses:

Estimated tuition fees per year:

  • RM17,000 (Foundation)
  • RM23,000 (Degree)
  • RM11,000 (Diploma)


4. UCSI University

UCSI University & Colleges

Available courses

Estimated tuition fees per year:

  • RM20,000 (Foundation)
  • RM21,000 (Degree)
  • RM15,000 (Diploma)


5. University of Nottingham Malaysia

University of Nottingham Malaysia

Available courses

Estimated tuition fees per year:

  • RM28,000 (Foundation)
  • RM47,000 (Degree)


6. Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

Available courses

Estimated tuition fees per year:

  • RM24,000 (Foundation)
  • RM24,000 (Degree)
  • RM15,000 (Diploma)

Please note the fees shown are an estimation.

We also have more information about engineering courses at these recommended universities in our awesome infographic!

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