How Josh Went to The Highest Ranking University Without Breaking The Bank

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After his SPM exam, Josh was not sure whether to apply for top ranking universities or just go for those that are value for money. After analysing Josh’s conditions and concerns, our counsellor, Rickson, knew he could show Josh the way to get to a top university in an affordable way.

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Affordable and The Best – Is That Even Possible?

Josh had been eyeing some top universities in Malaysia but he felt it might be wasteful and may overburden his parents financially, since his 2 younger siblings were still in school. He was looking for options that could fit his parents’ budget and yet are highly ranked i.e. he wants their hard-earned savings to be truly well spent for the best value. However, on first glance, his options seemed limited and he was even considering to stay back in Tawau to study Form 6 (STPM) since it was the obvious pathway to progress to degree with minimal cost.


A Surprising Choice for Josh

Est. Savings :

  • RM 8,000 savings from scholarships and education grant
  • At least RM 3,000/year of reduction in living expenses for staying in Johor vs. KL

Pros :

  • UoSM is ranked 77th globally – the highest ranked UK university in Malaysia
  • Get to meet and learn from a high-performing student community, i.e. the passing grade to enter UoSM is the highest among private universities in Malaysia
  • All the savings could be used for degree
  • Shorter and cheaper flight to fly home

Cons :

  • Seemingly expensive path if he does not score well for his foundation but still decides to stay on for his Bachelor Degree
  • Less known because this UK university branch is considerably new in Malaysia

Why UE Recommended :

  • This pathway is value-for-money as the cost of studying at the best-ranked UK university in Malaysia while living in Johor is almost the same as other top universities in Kuala Lumpur – if Josh could score well in his Foundation year, he could secure up to 100% fee waiver for his Year 1 Degree.
  • Josh still has the flexibility to transfer to other reputable universities for his degree, if the cost becomes an issue afterwards.
  • Josh’s parents prefer that he studies in a conducive location/environment. UoSM is located in a new township; away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 
  • Many top employers in Singapore is collaborating and hiring talents from UoSM. This improves Josh’s chances of achieving his dreams to work overseas.


Affordable World-class Education

Josh’s initial mindset, i.e. what he believed was impossible, has turned around quickly after looking at Rickson’s course recommendation. His family was very glad to know about UoSM and its scholarship schemes as a potential option. Josh subsequently applied for UoSM through Uni Enrol and he is currently studying his Business Foundation Year there.