What to Do After Getting Your SPM Results

after SPM results

    You’ve worked hard and now it’s time to collect your SPM results.

    Most students would choose to pick it up from their school, just so they can meet up with their friends again.

    Do you know that there are different ways to check your SPM results?

    Here are 2 common ways that students use:



    Some students choose to check their results online through the Kementerian Pendidikan Lembaga Peperiksaan website since it is fast and convenient.

    Generally, the Ministry of Education will make an announcement a week before the date your results will be released so keep a look out for that.

    Be sure to also print out a physical copy of your results so that you can use it for your university, scholarship, and other applications.


    In Person

    The most common way of collecting your SPM results is to get it from your school.

    Most students continue to choose this option because they get to reunite with their friends and teachers.

    Generally, your SPM results will be released simultaneously at 10am but most students show up at the venue earlier to catch up with friends.

    We can’t stress enough that you need to keep the physical copy of your results and make multiple copies of it for future use.

    So where do you go after SPM?

    5 Things to Do After Getting Your SPM Results



    List Down Your Options For After SPM Pathways


    A major factor needs to be considered before you begin to search for a course.

    Can you afford it?

    And if so, how far can you go with it?

    Do you have the funds to complete a degree at a local or foreign private university?

    Once you have discussed this with your family, then you can begin to look at your options for after SPM pathways.

    “What subjects am I good at?”

    “What field of study am I interested in?”

    “Do I want to study for a degree or just a diploma?”

    “Do I want to study locally or abroad?”

    Then, you can proceed to do research on the available career options and prospects of those fields of study depending on your preferences.

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    Choose The University That Suits You The Best

    Once you have decided on your desired field of study and course, it is time to choose a university that suits you the best.

    A quick and easy way to do this is through Uni Enrol’s Pathway Match!

    You will receive a free report on eligible courses and scholarships instantly based on entry requirements, your qualification and results.

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    Consult an Education Counsellor

    If you’re still unsure of what to do or need help to guide you to the best pathway, speak to an education counsellor!

    Education counsellors provide you with objective guidance from choosing a course all the way to applying for the course, visa and accommodation.

    Their knowledge and experience will help you answer any questions you may have about higher education and even future careers.

    Contact Uni Enrol now to book your very own consultation session!


    Prepare Your Documents

    Once you’ve decided on your desired course and university, you’ll need to prepare your documents for the application process.

    You’ll need a filled application form, your SPM results slip, registration fee payment receipt and a copy of your identification card (IC).

    You also can do all this online.

    Do you plan to apply for a PTPTN loan?

    Or maybe a scholarship?

    To apply, you will need to open an SSPN-i account, open a savings account at a panel bank, buy a PTPTN number and fill in the PTPTN application online carefully!

    For scholarships, you will need to show evidence of your academic and non-academic achievements.

    Some scholarships also require you to show the financial status of your household so be sure to check what documents they want you to submit.

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    Apply for the Course

    Finally, it’s time to apply for your course to kickstart your dream educational pathway!

    Choose the easy way. Apply through Uni Enrol.

    Best part is, our services are absolutely free of charge.

    Speak to us today!