What to do after SPM? Here’re 5 Fun Things To Try During Your Free Time

after SPM

Your SPM is over, and you are free to do whatever you want. So, you ask yourself:

“What to do after SPM ah?”

In many situations, the next step is to head to university (or maybe start working). But before that, you will need your results. While waiting for your official transcript, you have time to spare before you receive your transcript. That is where the fun begins.

If you are looking for some ideas to make the most out of your freedom, here are 5 fun things we recommend for you to plan after your SPM.

And, What To Do After SPM?

Check Off Items on Your To-Do List

what to do after spm

During your final year of high school, SPM is all you can think about and focus on. In our conversations with some students, a few wished to work on their to-do lists that were on hold due to their exams.

So, what are the items on the to-do list?

  1. Catching up on your favourite TV shows and movies. (You can finally catch up on The Stranger Things!)
  2. Hang out with your friends and family.
  3. Work on your hobbies or side hustle.
  4. Start a travel trip.
  5. Organise your room.

If binge-watching TV shows and movies are not your thing, you also can consider using the time to complete your driving lessons and take the test.

Whatever you plan to do, make sure you set a realistic goal.

Can you train to run for a marathon in the 3 months between your exam and the result release? 

Yes, you can.

Can you learn how to code in 3 months?

Yes, you can.

Which brings us to the next point…

Learn Something New Before Your Tertiary Education


For those of you who are keen to keep the learning momentum going right after SPM, there are plenty of courses online for you to choose from.

Online learning platforms such as UdemyCoursera and even Google offer free and paid courses on a wide range of topics. For instance, you can check out Codemy, which offers you all the programming language courses that are widely used today. Not only can you learn to code online, but you also can seek support from seasoned programmers when you need guidance.

If you are curious about a field of study or its specialisation, this is one of the best times to learn more about them. Taking short courses before your tertiary education will give you a fairly good overview of what you will study in university.

Furthermore, most courses are free to sign up; you pay only when you want a certificate of completion.

Take a Short Trip With Family or Friends

It is always good to spend time with family and friends, and what better way than to do it with a road trip? In addition to driving lessons and online courses, taking a short trip with friends and family also is a popular plan after SPM.

Some opt for cuti-cuti Malaysia, be it to have nasi kandar in Penang or to seek out insta-worthy accommodation in Melaka. Travelling sets up a relaxed environment for you to get to know your loved ones and the world around you.

Those who can afford to (and don’t mind the hassle of post-covid travelling) now can travel overseas as well. Explore the world and create new memories with them! You can even take pictures and videos to commemorate these valuable moments.

If travelling is off to you, you can spend time with your family and friends too. Why not try a new recipe or exercise together?

Find a New Source of Income

How Much to Start Studying Abroad After SPM

Maybe you want to save up for an epic trip or even a big-ticket purchase.
Aside from asking your parents to pay for it, your other option is to get a part-time job!

A side hustle while you wait for your SPM results (or even for your pre-university course) to start is an ideal way to put your free time to good use. It prepares you for your study pathway after SPM and, in some cases, your future career!

Got a special skill or hobby? Find freelancing work!

Many students take the opportunity to build their networks and portfolio. Freelancing work allows you to enhance your skills and knowledge. Moreover, many recruitment sites list freelancing work, including those for writers, designers, editors and more.

Want something different? How about retail jobs?

There are always vacancies at retail outlets and food and beverage outlets. Just take a look around, and you can spot them. While these jobs may be difficult, the experience will train the social skills you need, such as communication, perseverance, and adaptiveness. You might even be able to continue with your side hustle and earn extra pocket money during your tertiary education!


Do Your Research on Your Pathway After SPM.

Maybe you are still undecided on where to go or what to do after SPM. Regardless, there will be people around you who will tell you how you should walk your life. (They might have even started doing that while you were preparing for SPM.)

No matter their motive, you have the power to conduct your research that matches you!

With various information out there, we have compiled some guides for your reference.

  1. Want to look at top private universities in Malaysia? Read here.
  2. Want to look at the top courses chosen by fellow SPM students? Read here.
  3. Want to know about the pathways for different fields of study? It’s here.
  4. Too many choices, and you don’t know where to start? Check here.

The Worldwide Web is a powerful research tool. You can find information on more than 3,000 courses from 80 institutions and even apply for scholarships and courses online! All you need is to know where to look for them.


You can look up keywords relating to your interested field of study. For example, if you like to work with people, you can maybe search for courses about “communication”, “human psychology”, “caring for people”, or “teaching people”.

So, What is The Plan After SPM?

Whatever you plan to do, be sure to discuss it with your family or friends. You can be sure that there will be many ideas out there, and one of them will suit you. 

If you plan to continue your studies, you can connect with Uni Enrol. Our experienced counsellors will provide guidance and information on your future studies. In addition, signing up through Uni Enrol means that there will be discounts at Malaysian retailers for you to enjoy.

So what is your next move? The ball is in your court now. All the best!