Join Top US Universities with These 5 Cool U-Bridge FAQs

About U-Bridge

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Is pursuing higher education in the US on your bucket list? University Bridge could be the place you need to land that US higher education.

University Bridge (U-Bridge) provides students with speedier access to college studies in the United States. The academy offers a 2+2 transfer course for international students in partnership with five of the nation’s premier two-year colleges: 

  1. PVCC in Virginia, and
  2. Four colleges in California:
  • College of San Mateo, 
  • College of Marin, 
  • Santa Monica College, and 
  • Irvine Valley College. 

As a U-Bridge student, you will spend your first two (2) years in any 1 of the five (5) partner colleges. During that period, you will study a minimum of 60 credits.

After completing your first two years of college, you can transfer with a third-year status to any of the 180 four-year partner universities across the country. Some of these highly reputable partner colleges include 

  • UCLA, 
  • UC Berkeley, 
  • Virginia Tech, 
  • UC Santa Barbara
  • University of Michigan – Ann Harbor, and many more.

In this article, let us explore 4 FAQs about University Bridge that could transport you to your desired top US University.

4 U-Bridge FAQs To Bring You To Top US Universities

U-Bridge’s CollegeCare programme Provides Round-The-Clock Support.

Entering college is a huge lifestyle change, especially if you have just completed high school and planning on going abroad. Upon graduation, all you can think about is, “What do I do with my life now?”. Thus, you might struggle to juggle your pathway and adapt to your college time.

(If you need some reassurance, we have an article that covers a few of the queries students have about studying overseas.)

Luckily, the institution provides 1-on-1 support to any student who crosses their bridge. CollegeCare® is a support system of University Bridge. It pairs you with an educational advisor who will guide you and build an optimal pathway with you. 

As you figure things out, your educational advisor will give you pointers on your schedule and how you can progress in your studies. In addition, the programme also has various services to help you settle down, including 

  • accommodation assistance
  • visa processing, 
  • networking with other U-Bridge students, and
  • all-around advice to help you adjust to new environments.

University Bridge Ups Your Chances of Entering An Elite US Uni

To enter study abroad at a top university in the United States requires a lot of grit. Your academic performance and strengths outside the classroom will serve as your weapons in winning a placement. Thus, it is essential to prepare yourself before you start applying.

Start building your portfolio and American academic credentials. Top universities may even ask you about them in interviews.


Build your American academic credentials through a community college.
If you aiming for a Top US institution, try entering a community college (Psst.. you can apply for University Bridge too) before transferring to your dream university in your 3rd year. These community colleges have suitable study environments and ties with top universities.

University Bridge joins hands with selected community colleges to bridge you to your destination. They offer intensive counselling and advice to boost your opportunity of entering a top US university. For example, entry into UCLA through U-Bridge gives students a 70% chance of acceptance versus 5% for those applying directly. To date, 87% of its students have secured their placements in the top 50 schools or programmes.

A University Bridge Qualification Secures Your University Enty.

In many movies and TV series, a university application is portrayed similarly to a job application. The reason is that it is just as competitive to secure a degree placement, especially at an established one.


Avoid applying to just a single university.
Keep the applications going and submit yours to multiple universities. Even if you are rejected by one school, you still have other alternatives to back you up.

(You can browse through the list of the top 50 US Colleges that are the hardest to enter here.)

Therefore, University Bridge carefully designs its curriculum to improve the overall academic performance of its students. Thanks to its innovative programmes, over 80% of U-Bridge’s students since 2015 have successfully enrolled on a Top 50 US university using college GPA results. No SAT results are required. 

As a bonus, many of its graduates were able to nail 1 of their top 3 university choices! You can even find over 1,000 transfer majors to choose from, so there will be something for anyone.

Above all, entry requirements are achievable.

One of the keys to getting into a good US university (or any school) is meeting their entry academic requirements or admission criteria. This part of your application is usually a plus when you ace your exams and assignments. In 2022, 100% of the University Bridge class made it into the top 100 American universities with improved grades.

Even if you have yet to reach your goal, don’t worry. The entry requirements into these universities are achievable. Any chosen transfer is almost guaranteed as long as you meet the minimum results requirement. With University Bridge’s caring staff and supportive learning system, you will be on your way to your big breakthrough. So, don’t give up!


Do not be afraid to reach out for help.
If you ever face any academic or personal hurdles (big or small), you can still confide in the people you trust. Your peers, lecturers, education advisor, or even family might be able to offer insightful advice.

All-in-all, University Bridge has a dedicated team and a student-centric learning structure and is ready to help you Therefore, you do not have to struggle alone to accomplish your study goals.

Start reaching out to Uni Enrol to increase your chances into top colleges and universities in the United States. Good luck with your journey!