Galway University Leads The World In Medical Technology Studies

About the University of Galway

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University of Galway (UOG) is one of the oldest and largest Ireland universities. It ranked 270th or the top 2% of 1,400 institutions worldwide in the QS University World Rankings. Moreover, this Ireland university also achieves first place in Ireland and 47th in the World in the Times Higher Education(THE) Impact Ranking Results 2022 edition.

UOG offers a broad range of internationally recognised courses. Today, it has 70 undergraduate and 170 postgraduate programmes available. This Ireland University also houses over 18,500 students, with 4,000 international from 110 nations pursuing their abroad studies.

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Being one of five global hubs for biomedicine, UOG has 8 of the top 10 international med-tech firms under its wings. These Galway-based med-tech firms give birth to high-quality education and real-world impact. 

Moreover, the city of Galway is also an ICT hotspot, with Ireland becoming the home to operational hubs for top global ICT companies. Among the ICT companies it hosts are

  • Google, 
  • Paypal, 
  • HP, 
  • Apple, 
  • Facebook, and 
  • IBM.  

Why Study Medical Technology at UOG?

The university is known for its research-led commitment and is also renowned for its medical technology (MedTech) studies. To achieve excellence in this field, UOG works closely with world-leading medical device companies and internationally acclaimed institutes.

Some of its collaborations include

  • Medtronic,
  • Boston Scientific,
  • MIT, Harvard University, 
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital, 
  • Stanford University, 
  • McMaster University, and 
  • The Mayo Clinic. 

These collaborations transform into the university’s research and teaching to create the next generation of MedTech pioneers.

There are many other paths students can pursue at UOG through these four (4) primary academic colleges under the institution;

  1. College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies,
  2. College of Business, Public Policy and Law (including partner college Shannon College of Hotel Management),
  3. College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences and
  4. College of Science and Engineering. 

With multiple commercial successes from its teaching and research programmes, it is no surprise that the institution sees a 96% employment rate for its bachelor’s graduates and a 94% employment rate for postgraduates. Job placements and internships are also a staple practice at the university for students to hit the ground running upon graduation. 

Some UOG courses enable students to take on consultant roles and work directly with an assigned company to address a specific problem and develop a research-based solution. Here, you can look into Work-Based Learning modules to gain experience, learn new skills, and build your job prospects while you study.

The fields that offer Work-Based Learning are

  1. Science & Engineering
  2. Business, Public Policy & Law
  3. Arts, Social Science & Celtic Studies
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If you plan to study in Ireland as a postgrad student, there are 27 research jobs available on campus!

Students back in lecture theatres at NUI Galway. Photograph by Aengus McMahon

Above all, the wellspring of industry and research excellence has led to an exceptionally rich ecosystem in the city of Galway. It informs and drives innovation in UOG’s undergraduate and postgraduate education. Here, lecturers, researchers, students, and industry are highly engaged.

At the University of Galway, teaching and research are closely interweaved. The research performed on campus informs teaching content and approaches to their progress. Meanwhile, lectures and feedback inspire its research roadmap.

All in all, starting your education within this scenic ecology is both breathtaking and ideal for focused studies. The New York Times has dubbed Galway as ‘Ireland’s Most Charming City’ ! Needless to say, it has a welcoming academic community where international students can discover unique and warm cultures to immerse in.

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