10 Top Private Universities in Malaysia For Your Studies

top private universities in Malaysia

“Study this,” they say.
“Don’t go to that university,” they say.

If you have so many voices telling you what to do and where to go for your education. We feel you. Despite being YOUR education and YOUR future, many people will still chip in to shape your study route for you. Thus, it is time to take matters into your own hands.

Thanks to technology, you can now easily enrol in a university! Start exploring your options with these 10 top private universities in Malaysia.

Top 10 Private Universities in Malaysia To Look Out For

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#1 Taylor’s University

taylors lakeside

What is not to love about Taylor’s? It is the top private university in Malaysia, according to the QS Asia University Rankings 2022. This renowned school houses the latest facilities to help students learn.

If there is one thing to celebrate, it will be that the radical curriculum reforms have borne fruit. 99 per cent of Taylor’s graduates received employment within six months of graduation!

Moreover, students learn about the latest industry trends and practices from industry leaders and faculty members who are experienced professionals.

#2 Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)


Since 1993, APU has been one of the best private universities in Malaysia that focuses on producing top talents in the digital technology field. Its innovative education has earned it 5 Stars from QS for Teaching, Employability, Facilities and Inclusiveness.

APU’s partnerships with key industry leaders mean graduates are well-qualified for immediate employment. It works with Microsoft, AWS, and SAS to provide curriculum and certifications that are up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

#3 HELP University & Colleges

Help University

HELP has been providing tertiary education in Malaysia for more than 30 years. Their expertise in educating the next generation of leaders is well-established, as evidenced by the number of notable alumni.

For students keen on studying abroad, HELP is ranked first in Asia for 2021 by QS for Outbound Student Exchange programmes. The university offers credit transfer programmes to many top universities around Australia and the UK, including a 2+1 course at the University of Queensland! 

Among the popular destinations that HELP students choose are

  1. Europe, 
  2. Asia, and 
  3. North America.

#4 International Medical University (IMU)


If you are looking for a medical study in Malaysia, IMU will top the list of destinations.

The International Medical University (IMU) prides itself on being the first private university in the nation to specialise in medical and health sciences programmes. In addition, it also became the first and only private Malaysian medical university to earn a self-accreditation status from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)!

As an IMU student, you will be under the guidance of faculty members with years of clinical and teaching experience. You can also find well-equipped facilities for students to stay updated on the latest procedures and practices. 

Moreover, this established university partners with renowned medical schools around the world. As such, you get to transfer to universities in

  1. Australia, 
  2. Canada, 
  3. Ireland, and 
  4. the United Kingdom, among others.

#5 Multimedia University (MMU)


Among the many Malaysian universities, MMU has always been at the forefront of producing the next generation of tech talent that is highly sought-after by employers.

While it takes a village to raise a child, it took the university’s collaborative teamwork with industrial giants to craft a well-rounded education. As such, MMU can continuously expand and update its courses and facilities. After much hard work, the university earned its Premier Digital Tech Institution status from the Ministry of Higher Education in 2019. 

Another memorable MMU moment is when the Times Higher Education Asia Rankings listed MMU among the top 10 private universities in Malaysia for 2021.

#6 UOW Malaysia KDU University College (UOW Malaysia KDU)

UOW Malaysia KDU

While UOW Malaysia KDU has undergone several changes in recent years since 1983, its ability to nurture students remains to this very day. Now, it offers an even more impressive lineup of programmes. As you skim through its catalogue, you can find many courses that are spread through a lot of fields at your fingertips, including

  • Built Environment,
  • Business, 
  • Communication, 
  • Computing, 
  • Creative Arts, 
  • Culinary Arts,
  • Engineering, 
  • Game Development,
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality, 
  • Law
  • Nursing, 
  • Professional Accountancy (ACCA & FIA), and 
  • Tourism.

For students, it means getting a quality UOW education at an affordable price while they study in Malaysia!

If the multiple choices confuse you, let these articles aid you with your course choice:

With 3 campuses in Klang Valley and Penang, you can easily access the course and location that fit your needs.

#7 Curtin University Malaysia

curtin miri malaysia

Since 1999, Curtin has been one of the top private universities in the nation. In 2022, the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) added this beautiful school to the top 1% of global universities. Today, it sits on the #183 spot of the 2024 QS World University Rankings with 5 Setara stars.

If you are on a tight budget, the fees are considerably lower than the ones in Australia. Even as you study in Malaysia, Curtin students graduate with the same internationally recognised degree certificates as their overseas peers! In addition, students can opt to transfer to other Curtin campuses in Perth, Dubai, Singapore, or Mauritius.

#8 Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia

Swiburne University of Technology Malaysia, Kuching

Another institution that gives its students a taste of the Aussie curriculum is the Swinburne University of Technology. It offers the same quality education as its main campus in Melbourne. Moreover, the programmes received high recognition from professional bodies, such as the Board of Engineers Malaysia and CPA Australia, Engineers Australia (EA) and the Australian Computer Society.

Despite being a private university in Malaysia, Swinburne is also reasonably affordable for a university with a high global ranking. To date, it ranks 

  • #65 on the 2018 Young University Ranking, 
  • Among the top 400 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2016–17) and 
  • #285 on the 2024 QS World Universities Ranking.

#9 University of Southampton Malaysia (UoSM)


Speaking of top universities in Malaysia, you must include UoSM

Being a highly recognised private university both locally and in the UK, this world-class institution has many Engineering programmes ranked in the top 10 in the UK. If this is not convincing enough, the institution is also a proud founding member of the prestigious Russell Group.

Furthermore, it closely works with industry leaders, such as

  • Dyson, 
  • Intel, 
  • Apple, and 
  • even the UK Space Agency, to get you ready for your career. 

Many UoSM students who transferred to the UK campus were able to secure internships and employment after graduation with the help of the Career and Employability Service team.

#10 Manipal University College Malaysia (MUCM)

Manipal University College Malaysia (MUCM)

For health science enthusiasts who want to study in Malaysia, be sure to visit Manipal University College Malaysia (MUCM). MUCM has been providing medical and dental education in Malaysia for over 2 decades. Its strength lies in its commitment to equipping students with solid clinical skills training. These trainings take the form of a Clinical Skills Lab and an on-site Dental Clinic.

With a colourful campus life, the vibrant university has 4,000 students from 60 countries under its wing. It has also nurtured more than 10,000 doctors who now practise in Malaysia, the UK, the USA, and Australia.

So Where Do I Study in Malaysia?

While this article only covers 10 top universities in Malaysia, the nation has many amazing universities for students to pursue their tertiary education. With so many choices around, it is important to ensure that wherever you go, it is a place you feel comfortable studying. 

To help you with your selection, you can read up on the institution itself. Or, connect with a professional counsellor like Uni Enrol to guide you in

  • choosing the right course and university and
  • enrolling into your future programme.

Good luck!

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