List of Top Private Universities in Malaysia

top private universities in Malaysia

It is increasingly easy to apply for private universities in Malaysia.

You no longer have to fill in a paper application form and submit it to the university in person.

You can apply for private universities in Malaysia online.

Do you struggle with how to choose a university/course?

Do people around you give you tons of advice about which university is best for you?

Or do you go with the flow and choose the university and course that your friends chose?

Your tertiary education can be basic, but it also can be as extra as you want it to be.

Choosing the right university and course will get you on the right path for the career that you want.

If you’re curious about the top 10 private universities in Malaysia is the best, here’s a summary of them for you.


Taylor’s University

What’s not to love about Taylor’s? it is the top private university in Malaysia, according to the QS Asia University Rankings 2022.

They’ve got an awesome campus, with the latest facilities to help students learn.

Students learn about the latest industry trends and practices from industry leaders and faculty members who are experienced professionals.


Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

APU has been one of the best university in Malaysia that focuses on producing top talents in the digital technology field.

APU’s partnerships with key industry leaders mean graduates are well qualified for immediate employment.

It works with Microsoft, AWS and SAS to provide the curriculum and certification that are up to date with the latest industry standards.


HELP University & Colleges

HELP has been providing tertiary education in Malaysia for more than 30 years.

Their expertise in educating the next generation of leaders is well established, as evidenced by the number of notable alumni.

For students looking for study abroad opportunities, HELP is ranked first in Asia for 2021 by QS for Outbound Student Exchange programmes. Some of the destination of choice for HELP students include Europe, Asia, and North America.


International Medical University (IMU)

IMU prides itself on being the first private university in Malaysia that specialises in medical and health sciences programmes.

Its faculty members have years of clinical and teaching experience and the facilities are well-equipped for students to stay updated on the latest procedures and practices.

Its partnership with renowned medical schools gives students the option to transfer to universities in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, among others.


Multimedia University (MMU)

MMU has always been at the forefront of producing the next generation of tech talent that is highly sought-after by employers.

The continuous expansion and update of its courses and facilities led it to be recognised as a Premier Digital Tech Institution by the Ministry of Higher Education in 2019.

The Times Higher Education Asia Rankings listed MMU as top 10 among all universities in Malaysia for 2021.


UOW Malaysia KDU University College (UOW Malaysia KDU)

UOW Malaysia KDU has undergone a number of changes in recent years, and now offers an even more impressive lineup of programmes.

For students, it means getting a quality UOW education at an affordable price while in Malaysia.

With 3 campuses in Klang Valley and Penang, students can choose the course and location that fits their needs.


Curtin University Malaysia

Curtin has been a private university in Malaysia since 1999. Curtin students graduate with the same internationally-recognised degree certificates as graduates from all other Curtin campuses.

The fees are considerably lower than the ones in Australia and students can opt to transfer to other Curtin campuses in Perth, Dubai, Singapore or Mauritius.


Swinburne University of Technology Malaysia

Swinburne offers the same quality education as its main campus in Melbourne, and the programmes are recognised by professional bodies such as the Board of Engineers Malaysia and CPA Australia.

Despite it being a private university in Malaysia, Swinburne also is reasonably affordable for a university with a high global ranking.


University of Southampton Malaysia (UoSM)

The UoSM is a highly recognised private university in Malaysia and the UK, with a number of its Engineering programmes ranked top 10 in the UK.

It has a close partnership with industry leaders such as Dyson, Intel, Apple and even the UK Space Agency. Many UoSM students who transfer to the UK campus were able to secure internships and employment after graduation with the help of the Career and Employability Service team.


Manipal University College Malaysia (MUCM)

MUCM has been has been providing medical and dental education for more than 2 decades in Malaysia.

Its strength lies in the commitment to providing a solid clinical skills training to students and this is done through the Clinical Skills Lab and the on-site Dental Clinic.

To date, MUCM has nurtured more than 10,000 doctors who now practice in Malaysia, the UK, USA, and Australia.