Questions to Ask During University Open Day

open day questions

Open day at the university is the best time to find out about the university you’re interested in.

You’ll discover information on courses, the campus environment, the current students, etc. These are information you won’t find in a brochure. You’ll also get a feel for the campus life on that day.

However, the day can get overwhelming if you go unprepared. You will receive a plethora of information, and cause you to overlook important details.

Showing up prepared means having a list of information you want to find out on the open day.

Below are questions you should ask during university open day according to different categories.



About the Course

You would want to learn as much as possible about the courses the university offers because you’ll be spending the next few years at that institution. Start with the questions below to ensure that you are on the right path.


Managing Your Finances

It is also crucial to discuss costs with the finance department as you devise a plan to fund your education.

You could speak with current students who can give you a clear idea on how to manage your finances while in university.

Also, find out if there are additional costs that come with the course, such as study trips, workshops, or conferences.



Career Prospects

Studying to acquire a diploma/degree is a commitment of time and money. Therefore, it is essential to know what it can offer you in the long term.

After studying for years at the university, you want some assurance that you can find a job in your field. Here are some questions you should ask about future job prospects.


Current Students

On the open day, find someone who’s taking the same course you’re interested in and ask them for their opinion about the course, university, etc.

Another advantage of this is that you can make friends, be it with those who are already at the university or prospective students so that you won’t feel quite as awkward on your first day.




It shouldn’t be all about what you’re studying; it’s also about where you live and rest when you’re not studying. It is vital to ask what all your options are regarding accommodation for those from out of town.

Ask about the price range, whether meals are included, whether some are shared bathrooms, and their distance from the campus.


Facilities and Activities

The university’s facilities will enhance your student experience, enabling you to make the most of your studies.

Find out if the university has a well-stocked library, safe student halls, a sports centre with professional equipment, a café serving coffee for your pre-lecture caffeine runs, etc.


The Bottom Line

Open Days are an excellent opportunity to get an honest account of everything you need to know, from info about the course and lecturers to the facilities and accommodation. The above questions are a guide on the crucial stuff to ask and can change to suit your needs.